I expect LSU to try to run it down our throat

If I’m LSU team know I have struggled throwing the ball and I look at an Arkansas Team it really hasn’t stopped anybody from running the ball I am going to run it till they stop it. They have great running backs and this could be a real problem for us. I don’t think we’re going to stop anybody with 5 men in the Box, so I would be shocked if I they don’t try to control the game on the ground and keep the ball away from us and help their very challenged defense.

We have not stopped anyone who tried to run the football, so I think you are right. We have a decent pass defense and a poor run defense. Do the Tigers have the discipline to do this?

Especially, if we are down on defensive lineman. Also it’s supposed to rain Sat so you know they will run it

Flip side of the your point is Arkansas usually runs a 3 man front, if LSU is going to sell out on running the ball, surely, Odom will adjust accordingly and make sure our defense is ready for that.


Good point about CBO.

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One thing I can say that that the adjustments that he makes to stop the run have been decent so far accept for the teams that were just overall better than us

One dimensional teams do not fare well. They can run well if we have to respect the pass. I’m not too worried. The only things that worry me are that a very talented LSU team gets its act together and that maybe we’re too depleted with covid to field a competitive team.

I would hope so especially since they have had trouble throwing, will find out soon

That mighty LSU running attack has averaged 119 yards per game. The leading rusher is averaging 49 ypg with a long run of 17. I’m not exactly quivering in my shoes.

They have been behind so bad they have abandoned the run game but they have very talented RB and we haven’t stopped anybody from running the ball.They have the size up front to give us problems,so we will what kind of plan Odom comes up with.

We have stopped people from running. We haven’t stopped anyone from running that has the threat of a pass. Tennessee has a very talented o-line and running backs and once it became evident they couldn’t pass, we shut them down completely. I see this game being very similar unless the true freshman QB improves immensely from his last game.

Good point That’s exactly what I hope happens because you’re right when we knew they had no pass game to fear we totally shut down Tenn.

They will line up and run at us. No doubt about it. That worries me because they have a huge oline. But they aren’t no Florida. I see a lot of run blitzes and we force them in long yardage where we can pick a couple off.

Our offense has the ability to score at any time. We’ve seen that the last couple of games. It will be important to come out and score on our first possession and put pressure on their offense to keep up. It is hard to predict a score because I don’t know who we are missing but I think we can win this game.

What I see in LSU stats is nice numbers against Vandy and Carolina. Are they any good? They have played Miss State, Missouri, Auburn, South Carolina and Vandy.

We have played some of those plus A&M, Florida, Ole Miss and Georgia.

It’s kinda hard to match numbers with the difference in competition.

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Outstanding observation Clay.


The SEC sure gave them a killer schedule…


Maybe LSU thought they could breeze thru that schedule that included AR when it came out.
Sorry for their luck.

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