I enjoyed watching the game

Sitting in a coffee shop, watching it on my phone, surrounded by the red rock of Sedona didn’t hurt the game experience at all.

We have work to do obviously. At times I thought we got after it on defense, other times we coasted and took some possessions off. I think offensively we are a lot better than we showed. Glad we won, fun to watch. A lot of this is expected for a first game, but I will be glad when it’s not.

We must dunk more. DPG was sketchy.

We will improve. Even spats between player and coach should be fine.

On to the next one.

Was there a spat? I was in and out.

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I was there, and I missed it too. Who was the player and was it CEM or an assistant. The only player I saw CEM pull, immediately after he did something he didn’t like, was Cylla, right after he passed on an open 3. I didn’t see any argument from him though. CEM put him in shortly thereafter and the first time he was open for a 3, he took it and hit it. I’m not even certain that wasn’t coincidental with passing on the 3.

I saw him doing some serious coaching talk with Adrio. We badly need Chaney and Bailey to avoid the silly fouls. We are going to need them to stay out of foul trouble which will be hard enough as teams will work hard to pound us inside. I loved the inside/out and around the perimeter passing. This team will be fun to watch. Defensively, we seemed to start off stiffling in each half but then eased up as the half went on. It looked like they had not practiced much against the press, but that they will easily fix that.

I was really impressed with the team that Darrell Walker has put together at UALR. They had size that could score, good point guard, and some slashers at forward. If they had hit free throws at all, we would have had a close game.

The one I saw was where Mason made a bad inbounds pass when UALR started to press. He was immediately pulled and Muss was working him over has he passed by him on the bench. He then went over and talked with Mason on the bench. Mason was making his point (although not disrespectfully) and Muss was continuing to coach/chew his backside some. It wasn’t over the top by either party.

Mason has been very sloppy with the ball in the last 2 exhibition games. We all know he can play though, but he needs to exhibit better care of the ball.

I listened on the radio driving back out of town. Heard a coach, I think CEM, scream “Do your job!” at someone. Right after that, Chuck Barrett said something like “These Arkansas coaches are pretty animated on the sidelines.”