I dunno guys...

But, I think I am with clay on this one. I have been out on the recruiting board and even though this site is only days old, I see a marked improvement in the number and content of recruiting information. I actually belong to two sites mostly because of the recruiting info on the other site. I stayed with hawgsillustrated because I think Clay and Dudley have a better overall understanding on what is going on with our programs and can give insight into that sort of thing. If the recruiting info on this site does indeed improve(Which again, IMO, early returns are positive) then I think Clay and Dudley will have something special.

not sure it is worth almost twice the price when brand X is $8 a month

guess we will find out

Clay is working on that price for our former Scout.com subscribers.

And I can tell you that Richard and I are going to be getting after it as will all the other contributors.

I love the Additional content I am already seeing. I trust Clay and staff to work out the price and the bugs. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will the bugs in the transition be worked out. If the additional content I am already seeing continues, then this ois gonna be awesome.

Making Richard exclusive to HI would be a very nice move. Since he’s still going to be on Brand Ville for free and also has a big presence on Twitter, which is also free…

It’s only free until Aug. 1

I like the new board, the National Scout content didn’t add much for me.

I have been a member of the old Hawgsillustrated board for a long time (15+yrs) and Clay never increased the price the whole time. I really respect that and in all fairness, I expected one day to get hit with an increase. I hope he can get us a reduced rate for an annual fee, but I would not be surprised to see it higher than $99.