I doubt Hagen is available tomorrow

even for game 2. DVH had said that when he got to two innings he knew he was not coming back tomorrow so let him finish. Too early in the year to push a tired arm, so the double header will really be hard for us to relieve much less save.

Yeah he’s done which means we’re going to have to have our starters go about 7-8 because we have very few arms that have gotten any kind of experience at all and it’s going to be a lot different in Baton Rouge especially at night.
Hopefully Mac can give us a great start tomorrow afternoon and we can pull it out because I don’t have a whole lot of faith in Adcock but he did pitch better the other day so we will see

Carter probably gets to close next.

Yep…He,Morris, Ledbetter and Woods are about the only ones left that have any experience so far.

We need Mac to go about 7 solid innings and then let Carter finish it off so we can have everybody else for The nightcap

I have no idea, but what about LSU pitching depth compared to ours?

They have a lot of power RH arms and have added a Good LH and still have the little heavy set LH from last yr who I am sure we will see Tomorrow,
We have some young great young RH arms too Dossett,Fouch and a very Touch LH matchup guy in Fitzpatrick but all are so inexperienced but may see action tomorrow if our starters don’t go very far

I thought DVH did the right thing by using Smith. It was important for us to win at least one game there. But the down side is we have very little depth for tomorrow. I sure hope McIntire pitches well and efficiently tomorrow.

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MCEntire will have the chance to pitch a big game tomorrow. He has delivered in big spots before.
Maybe he gets it going early and mows then down. I hope so anyway. Maybe DVH can come up with a way to find few pitchers to use to set up Smith. Where he can might be available more than just on Fridays.

Their starter in game one gave up four runs to A/M last weekend and removed early… their best pitcher and reliever is past tense this afternoon. Giving up Smith for a win is worth it every time.

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DVH’s philosophy is win the current game and worry about the next game later.

That way of thinking has served him well.

Of course, If we had been behind by 3-4, he would have saved Smith.

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DVH may figure this game out one of these days! Love his PCs.

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