I don't usually agree with Wally...

But I love how he wont let go of Arkansas getting hosed at UNC.

If Wally’s name is on the piece, I skip it. Haven’t read anything of his in years.

I don’t always agree with Wally Hall, but I do read his column. He does write some very good articles. His recent article on presentations at the horse races was good. His articles on the NCAAT have also been very good. GHG!

I have strong suspicions that you are Wally’s daddy, right?

It is a sign of low intelligence when a person is unable to refute an argument and responds will name calling.

This went right over my head. I wasn’t interested in refuting anything, but merely was amused at the lavish, and undeserved (IMO) praise for Wally, as if the writer was related.

Why are you interested in attacking?