I don't think we have to worry about Otey

saw him flash the arkansas “A” on video I think this is just acase of making dad happy…this DB class is going to be insnae!! all 4* way to go guys!!

I think you’re right.

It’s Bush who we have to worry about. I’m not real sure there’s anything we can do about him unless they manage to convince him to sign early. Other than that we better pray LSU or whoever doesn’t come calling.

I am not that worried about Bush was reading elsewhere that LSU would have to move on from 2 who are waiting to sign in Feb…don’t see that happening.but if it does we still have aspecial group back there!

Idk how true it is, but living in NOLA I have heard to watch out for Texas and Bush. I don’t think it’s just LSU we have to worry about. Probably some more out there we will know more about after today.

Really hope we can hang on to him, I do think he’s the best corner prospect we’ve had in a while. He’s a stud

i didn’t know you live in NOLA I am about 2 hrs south of there in Hattiesburg Ms…I do hope we hang onto him too,he’s a great player…fingers crossed…

Yeahp, I get to spend 4-? Years of my life here. I go to school down here.
And yeah, Hattiesburg isn’t far at all.

I had an Uber with one of the Edna Karr (his high school), players Dad the other day. (He was the driver)

He said that several of the kids like Arkansas, but basically bush wasn’t ever going to be a lock anywhere until he signed. I believe he said his son was going to South eastern to play ball.

yeah been to NOLA many times… very unique place to say the least!

Notre Dame is who’s doing the calling.

Looks like scoota May have convinced him to stick with the hogs, man I hope so.

You have to be concerned anytime a kid delays signing. I do believe he’s going to be a Hog, but there’s no way of knowing 100%.