I don't see how they will get any game finished in Knoxville

According to Weather Channel the only time the rain chance is less than 60% is tomorrow morning.
If they don’t start until noon they are getting into 90% range.

Of course, Sunday looks great but they can’t play then

If you look on the radar weather map, there is a finger of heavy rain just now hitting Nashville that seems to be headed toward Knoxville, and should get there in about 4-5 hours. Perhaps after that - if the field is in good enough shape - we can get Game 1 in.

https://weather.com/weather/radar/inter … ation=true

I have worried about getting this series in all week. Looks iffy. Dave, you are the weather guy. Thanks for posting.

Just checked forecast & it’s not looking any better now. Maybe a slight chance of getting the game in tonight, but tomorrow is 90% chance of thunderstorms. That’s about as close to a guarantee as there is.

Yeah but 90% to a weatherman is about like 50-50 for the rest of us!