I don't say this much

but I think Walker has the potential to be the next big QB prospect in the state. I’m talking top 25-50 overall prospect type nationally. I may say a kid is DI or high DI but I rarely say something this strong.

He has all the tools to be elite.


IF this kid is all that, AND IF he makes it to Arkansas…I already have the PERFECT nickname for him…

“Bacon Bad” (or…“Hogenberg”)

Thank you…thank you very much…I’ll be here all week…

Wow, that’s some strong words by you and his coach. His stats are sure eye-popping, even for the freshman team. Is there a story about why he’s at LR Christian while his brothers have gone to Pulaski Academy? Will he move to Pulaski Academy next season? Are both schools in 5-A?

durn, wish you didn’t say “OUT of state”. He’s going elsewhere?

Obviously meant in-state.

or Walker Arkansas Ranger

Sometimes a great name portends greatness.


Well, he has exceptional blood lines bleeding Razorback red! I remember watching his grandfather play.


Help me out, who was his grandfather?

ALL Walker no talker.

Has Arkansas, or anybody else for that matter, offered? Or will they play it more carefully since he’s a QB?

Grandfather is John Rees, I think.

He has older brothers on Hog baseball and football team.

His father was a Hog golfer.

No. Not as a freshman.

imag *e

*“If you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”


John Rees


Three things I remember about John Rees.

Supposedly fastest player on team.
Mother was former Miss Arkansas.
Had a terrible penalty away from the ball in the 1969 Arkansas VS Texas football game.

As I remember it, John Rees was the “other” wide receiver on the great 1969 team (other than Chuck Dicus, I mean). He did have some big moments, one a catch which helped us win the game against Texas Tech that immediately preceded “The Big Shootout”, and allowed us to enter that game undefeated. And I think he married a girl from El Dorado.

Rees’s son John Aaron was a productive player on some very good Razorback team’s in the 2000’s.

He may have had a catch…maybe several…in that Texas Tech game. But we dominated them 33-0, so it’s not like anyone had to bail us out with a big play in that game. As I recall, backup QB John Eichler finished with the second team.

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