I Dont post alot but

man people need to chill with the unfounded rumors.Everybody seems to want to be an insider ,posting crap and dont know jack.My son and niece live in Fayetteville and interacts with alot of the players in all sports.i never post alot of stuff that they say because its wasnt told to me and its unverifiable. Chill people and just enjoy the board :x :x :x

The old adage “don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” seems to have been lost in this age of anonymous posters.

I wait until something I confirmed by Clay, Dudley, Richard, Matt or Scottie on this board before I put any stock in posts.

It’s a message board, what else would we read all day?

If you want facts the best folks to ask are Clay, Richard, Dudley, Matt and Scottie.
At least they check and make sure they tell the truth!

What are we talking about here, what rumors ?