I don't know why we keep losing, especially at home.

Perhaps it is because our team is young and inexperience and/or other teams have better players.
I suspect much of the reason is because Mike Anderson is coaching an ancient style of basketball and is unable or unwilling to adjust to modern basketball.
Or likely it is because it is no longer possible to recruit top out of state or even a majority of top in state basketball players to Fayetteville.

Same old post, Gay. We get it that you think we can’t recruit to Fayetteville. So, what is your solution?

Let’s make Gay the recruiting coordinator either for the current staff or if we have new coaches next year.

Let just cancel basketball and give the funds to the hockey team!

I forgot about our hockey team:grinning:

I was thinking Badminton Team! :hushed::thinking:

If they would box out and guard the 3 it might help.
Youth has nothing to do with that

Or start buying players like everyone else! When the FBI gets involved in the pay to play you should be smart enough to realize how hard recruiting is during the me and I’m getting mine day and age. Also this mind set leads to transfers.
Last night we watched first hand what it accomplished changing the lineup. Jones and Harris didn’t do much. Harris can’t spell defense let alone play any. Jones sure showed up.
The real solution to the recruiting is for the FBI to lock some Head coaches up and the NCAA to shut up and put up. Enforce the rules on amateur rules. Auburn has a player that got paid playing right now. AD’s stop hiring these win at all cost, lying, cheating and drunk coaches.
The truth about the NCAA it’s a money making machine and those in charge don’t give a hoot about an equal playing field in any sport and they just want to cash rolling in! That’s from the AD’s, conference offices, ref’s, and those on the NCAA staff.

When you have an enforcement staff that comes out and vacated BYU’s wins over trips to Vegas and North Carolina gets by with giving out grades and does nothing.

The one thing I have learned about Louisville the Board there took out Pitinio without waiting on the FBI to finish anything. Kansas, Arizona, LSU, Auburn, Duke, Okie Lite, Alabama and Miami have all lawyered up and are ready for a legal battle. It’s all crooked! Add the ref’s to list of unethical in the fold. They enable the money train to roll!

None of these factors listed here address the horrible basketball IQ this hog team plays with!
Don’t make an attempt to rebound!
Don’t stop straight line drives !
Can’t make free throws!
Point Guard that can’t throw the ball in the ocean!
Play hero ball on offense and fail to pass the ball and attack the rim!
Of course they normally can’t finish!
It all starts by playing solid defense and they don’t. It is evident they don’t who needs to be shooting from where on the floor. Get rid of those player that aren’t a scoring threat and you will help the players that can score the ball.

I almost forgot this one. There’s a ref that called our LSU game at Baton Rouge that live in Maumelle. He is from Stuttgart. His phone calls to radio shows calling for CMA job are a normal occurrence. I just wonder what type of vetting is done on him by the SEC office. I wonder if they actually listen to the people that call in and report him for his conduct. Odd when you consider the free throw difference in that game.

Army Hog you have hit the nail on the head. Good post