I don't know who's worse

us, Texas A&M, or Missouri but everyone else is definitely better even Vandy!

I was just thinking the same, you can throw in Florida and Tennessee…a lot of bad football being played (even Auburn looks pitiful)

It is either Arkansas or MO. Both are very, very bad and could not beat many of the better DII teams. The last game of the year will be to see who the best of the really bad. The team that played last week has no chance at all against any other SEC team or any other DI team unless things change and change drastically.

Word…but please be patient as our coach takes his sweet time to build it “the right way.”

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LSU not looking so good either. Too early, way too early to say how this season will go for us. Beat a struggling buncha Aggies next week and we are back on track.

There’s a big difference between really good team, a good team and then the one pretending to be a team. Some have no offense, others have no defense and there’s others than implode with penalties and dropping passes.
The next 3 weeks we will see where we stack up. After the way we finished last season and how we’ve started this year there’s no way to know.
There’s one thing for sure I hope we have a turn around but we are not alone with problems that need to be corrected

Amen !! Everyone at this point seem to have some glaring issues. WPS

How many times can y’all post the same sarcastic thing? It’s every day of every year.

As soon as we lose a game you start talking about how we won’t win a SEC game.

I share your frustration with the lack of progress. I’m sick of it. It’s time for Bielema to start turning the corner and winning games, consistently.

But, the “we won’t win a SEC game” posts every year are dumb. That has happened 1 time in a quarter century (yes, under Bielema).

What’s almost certainly going to happen is we will win between 6 and 8 games and 2-4 SEC games and we will all feel like mediocrity stinks.

Zero SEC wins, again, though? Cmon. Seriously.

I agree with Jim the team on the field against TCU would be hard pressed to win more than one SEC game. I do expect some improvement though and think up to three is possible. I hope I’m proven wrong in that assessment.

Vandy looked pretty good last night beating #18 KSU 14-7.

There’s lots of football yet to be played. Our last game left a bad taste in our mouth & doesn’t give us much reason for optimism. However, LSU, So Carolina, & Tenn must be feeling the same way. I have no idea how good Cal is, but last night they were better than Ole Miss. A&M’s win was hardly a thing of beauty. I’m not particularly confident of predicting anyone having a dominating season although I know by the end of the year teh SEC will have a .500 record against each other.

Thank you for the level headed response.

Last weekend does not define our team. Neither would it define our team if we clobber A&M.

Remember last year. We completely stunk up the joint at Auburn. Open date, then manhandled a ranked team (Florida which won the East) at home. We weren’t as bad as we were at Auburn, and we weren’t as good as we were against the Wallets. I’m hoping we take advantage of the open date the same way we did last year. But that still leaves nine more games to define who and what this team is.

I agree that if pretty much every team played their worst offensive game in a decade they would have a hard time winning very many SEC games.

Of course most teams have ebbs and flows and a team that has won a conference game all but 1 out of 25 years is highly unlikely to go winless in conference under any circumstances much less with a senior Qb facing at least 4 more teams with whom we are very similar in terms of talent and coaching.

We are an underdog vs A&M

The team will be defined by the next 10 games. The SEC–as always–is hard to gauge. If we play like we did on offensive and special teams the rest of the year, it will be a bleak season until the defense does a lot of scoring. Otherwise, it’s hard to say what to expect. MSU looks like a tough out, but next week they may look quite average.