I don't know who I want to win the MSU-Vandy game today

If Moo U wins, we’re in first place alone in the SEC. But MSU remains a game behind us in the West. We have the tiebreaker, but you can sure lose two games in the standings in 12 games.

Or if Vandy wins, they’re tied with us but the Humpers are two games back in the West.

Oh well, what happens happens. Run the table or come very close, it won’t matter.

I’m with you!
However, I think I had rather have a cushion over the team behind us in our division. Win our side and let Vandy take care of their side.

I’ve been wrestling with my preference, too. Was hoping AM could take another from Tenn, but that looks like it won’t happen. Aggies down 5 going into T9 Led by a run a couple of innings back, gave up a big inning

I’ll take a MSU loss. WE got to win the division before we can think about winning the conference, and right now it looks as if MSU has the easier road to finish the season than we do. So I’ll take the 2 game cushion and the tie breaker.

Arkansas Remaining:
Georgia @ Baum
#14 Florida @ Baum

Mississippi State Remaining:
Texas A&M @ Stankville
Missouri @ Stankville

Vandy won 7-4 so that’s what we have. Vandy’s starter only got one out but the long relievers got the job done.

I was pulling for Vandy, we have a 2 game lead in the conference

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