I don't know what happened

But these guys have been mentally checked out for awhile now. The mental lock in, is locked out. Team focus has vanished. The hard part to understand is that they had both. If it had never been displayed that would be one thing, but they have shown locked in focus a lot this season. But really since conference it went away in a moment, an instant.

BTW it sure is good to be back here. Missed you all.

Me either…team looks like they’re in a stupor. :frowning:

Srs know we have no chance whatsoever from doing anything this yr. and have basically shown no leadership…watch when CMA is talking to Barford, he ain’t even listening!the only chance this team to win is against team that will try to run with us,and tonight FLa makes us work so Hard!!! and we give up stinking layups and wide open 3’s

Things always changes when you start playing conference games some teams excel and some go into a shell. Not sure if our guys start feeling the pressure or if it’s something totally different, but we see this happen to several teams just not us. Hopefully we find our footing and regain some momentum. Tonight at this point it’s all about the half time adjustments, got my fingers crossed. WPS

This seems to happen every year. We start conference play by stinking it up and digging a hole we have to climb out of. That’s why we’ve not been a higher seed in the dance when we’ve made it…Too many early conference losses. This year I fear it’s going to take us too long to get on track (if we do at all) and cost us another trip to the NCAA tourney.

Tough to watch. I hope Mike knows which buttons to push. I think we almost have to win rest at home and at least one or two on road to make dance. Not gonna give up yet! We are in a bad slump though.

They have some pieces, but I agree that something has happened with the makeup of this team. It’s why Mike makes the big bucks. I suspect we are going to see a suspension or removed from team situation. I know it’s gossip, but it seems like this is attitude way more than talent. And with a small group like this a couple bad apples can ruin the attitude of the team.

I have lost faith in Mike.

Don’t blame the kids. They don’t have a chance against well coached teams.