I don't know if Morris will have a job Monday morning

But Chavis sure shouldn’t.

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I was openly against Chavis. After one game last year, the D had a good showing and I thought he might be ale to turn it around. It’s like a multiple choice test question - always go with your first reaction unless you absolutely know you should change the answer. My initial gut reaction was right. He’s done a terrible job here. If CCM has a nut in his shorts, the Chief will have a box in his office tomorrow.

Worst DC in football, I think that’s the opposite of what we were promised

Ccm won’t be around to give anybody a box.

I flew out from Sacramento for this they need to fire chief at halftime and Morris after the game total embarrassment

If Morris still has a job Monday, it tells you they can’t afford to fire him.


Agreed Harley. Chad will be lucky if he is allowed to coach the second half.

He will be fired by tomorrow if not today

Morris will be gone if we lose which looks like will happen.

He might be told he’s fired and announce it during the post game.

I am predicting he is fired as soon as this game is done. He will announce he’s gone in the presser. Like Bret.

Hunter will have a presser tomorrow.

I hate to agree, I really do! All hope for Morris seems gone. I am at a loss for words.

As Dandy Don said, “Turn out the lights this party is over.”

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Hunter Yurachek is scheduled to be on hand for the SEC soccer championship on Sunday afternoon.


I honestly think he wants to get fired. I think he wants out and nothing will convince me otherwise.

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There may be a change in plans…

On the other hand, no reason he can’t do a newser Sunday night when he gets back

Or tonight before he leaves town

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This is what it looks like when a coaching staff looses its players. The team has quit. This season can’t end soon enough and CCM needs to be fired ASAP! I pray HY will fire him tomorrow, if not sooner.

We fired bielema when he walked off the field after Mizz. If may not happen that fast, but it could happen tonight

Quite possible

I was in the Astate press box when Joe Hollis was fired - guy walked in and handed Steve Sullivan and Bill Keedy a press release with 5 minutes left in their closing loss to Nichols State. Sullivan was surprised, not at the firing but the timing, but he dutifully read it on the air.

I have to think somebody in communications is sitting down with Hunter as we speak.

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During today’s game, my neighbor commented “Well, that’s one defensive stop in a row.” I had to laugh, but it was true.

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