I don't know if I've ever seen this before

Hogs and Aggies were both 31 of 61 from the field. Exactly.

Aggies had one more trey, we had one more deuce, we hit eight more free throws.

Great info, Swine. I had a feeling in the second half that free throws would be the difference. Then when Smith missed those two after the contacts situation my heart was really racing!

That was the best game A/M has played all year and they still lost… the Hogs just won’t lose focus.

I’ve seen it before. My pickup games. Both teams 0 for 100. We don’t have free throws.

Have not seen it in a year, though. Understandably, the gym is closed.

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I have this feeling that a major difference in today’s team versus that of old is that Muss is insisting they drive to the bucket and draw fouls. How do we look in number of fouls per game versus in the last four or five years? I’ll bet we have more this year and that would make a difference in our win percentage.

(Jeff, be nice in your response.)

Without looking up the numbers, Mike rarely had anybody who could drive without turning it over. Madden could. Having a hard time thinking of others. Portis got fouled a fair amount in the low post. Kingsley too.

Okay I looked up the stats from the 2015 team that was a 5 seed. They averaged almost 23 FTA per game. This year’s team averages 21. Last year with Mase we averaged 23. So not a huge variation.

The 4-5* PG (name eludes me) for Mike. Drove to the basket a lot but people complained.

BJ Young?

Yep Thanks Scottie

Seems like Mason Jones was pretty good at getting to the rim.

Yep Mase got to the rim, but the number of team FTs was not significantly different last year than in 2015 or this year.

I looked up the 2017 team with Barford, who was also good at getting to the rim. They made more of the FTs they drew than any other recent team, but they also averaged about 23 FTA per game. Kingsley led that team in FTAs. Qualls actually led the 2015 team with almost 6 FTA per game; Mase averaged nearly 9 last year. MQ, Kingsley (223 in 2016) and Mase are the only recent Hogs with more than 200 FTAs in a season. Moody is at 151 FTA now.

By the way, BJ Young never had more than 127 FTAs in a season as a Hog.

So it would appear that to get to the line, you need to attack the basket or have a strong postup presence like Kingsley.

LOL! I’m sorry your gym is closed. Mine has been wide open for months. We have plenty of shootahs, but the defense is so soft, you’d think they were social distancing!

The gym at the other place I used to play lets you shoot baskets by yourself by appointment. Have not gone, I have my own hoop at home.

Indoors, breathing heavy, rec basketball is not safe to play quite yet (even though I always have social distanced playing defense :joy:). And I have had my second Moderna shot. That is not just the gym’s opinion and my opinion. That is the doctors’ opinion. When they give the ok, I’ll be the first guy out there. I’m going 70, who knows how much basketball time I have left?

I’m 63 and living in a small town in Missouri. Yesterday me and a 6’4 high school JV player played about 30 minutes of very intense 2v2 against two small but quick high school wrestlers. They wore us down. I’m not going to say we lost, because every day I get to play the game I love is a winning day for me. I respect everyone’s approach to dealing with the wu flu… Everyone’s circumstances are different. Almost everyone I play with is at least 40 years younger than me. If anyone infects anyone, I will probably get the worst of it. I fully accept the risk and have a lot of confidence in my immune system. Since my birth in 1958, the only nights I’ve ever spent in a hospital were in 1964 due to a botched tonsilectomy. A tonsilectomy that I later found out was not even necessary. I learned early on that doctors aren’t God and politicians rarely tell the whole truth. All the best to you sir, I hope you are getting up and down the court and swishing the nets soon.

I agree, doctors aren’t G-d, but I trust an infectious disease expert more than anybody else on this topic. And to each his own, no problem, just hope you stay safe and enjoy playing, I wish you the best. Thanks for your best wishes also. I play with a guy or two even older than me, but most are considerably younger. I read a book about Pete Maravich, told a friend I play ball with about that, and he laughed and said he knew two people who went to LSU when Maravich was there–his parents! Great guy and I love playing ball with him. Take care, and happy hooping.

Btw, the shoes I now wear in the gym? The ones Zion Williamson wore when the shoes buckled on him early in a UNC game and he was out for a while. Needed new shoes and they were practically giving them away, no one wanted them. But I weigh 50 pounds less than Zion, I don’t dunk, I don’t put anywhere near the stress on basketball shoes that he does, and the shoes are perfectly fine. Not fine enough for me to be a #1 NBA draft choice, but fine enough for me :slight_smile:

I tip my hat to both of you “young men”. I’m almost 62 and quit the competitive basket ball about 5-6 years ago. By competitive I mean 3 on 3, 4 on 4 half court stuff. Kinda wish I would have kept at it more, seems after turning 60 my ole lungs get winded if I have to walk very far to go fishing.
I was quite the baller in my youth, now I’m relegated to just games of horse and such.
You guys rock and keep ballin and stay safe out there.

Yeah I don’t put a lot of stress on the structural integrity of a sneaker either. LOL! I’m what you call a below the rim player. Then again, I always was. It’s hard to lose what you never had. I credit the Good Lord and the jump rope for allowing me to play at the same level I did as a young man. God did not give me a ton of athleticism, but he allowed me to keep every bit of what he did give me. The jump rope has kept me quick and fit enough to keep up with the youngsters. I also lift weights, ride a bike and stretch like a rubber band before and after I play. I try to care of mind body and soul. A couple of chiropractic adjustments a year has kept me free of back pain.

At age 31 I sprained my ankle badly in a pickup game Haven’t played in one since. Now I can’t even shoot, which was the one thing I could do semi-reliably.

I would hope your ankle has healed by now Swine. I avoid driveways, concrete, asphalt and tile floors. Gotta be a forgiving surface or I don’t play. You have to work up to it, but basketball is a great cardiovascular exercise. I love the feeling I get when I leave the gym, go home and collapse into my recliner. Total peace and easy breathing for hours.

Yeah I think my ankle has healed but the rest of my game is gone. I’m not even running any more after finishing 19 marathons.