I don't know how to quantify the exhibitions, but

I’m anticipating baseball season a lot more than I was a week ago.

These youngsters and newcomers are really exciting.

Hard to believe this next wave of talent could very well be better than the last.

I had a long talk with Matt Hobbs earlier this week and he thinks pitching can be really good for this team. He said this has been the best fall since he has been here in terms of pitchers being in the strike zone and having swing-and-miss pitches.

We know about all the pitchers who are back, but I think there are a lot of other pitchers who will contribute in a significant way in 2023. Hunter Hollan might be a weekend starter and Koty Frank is going to be used a lot late in games. I think Cody Adcock will also play a big role on this staff. He had a rough year at Crowder last season, but he has been an efficient strike thrower since he made it to Arkansas.


That’s great to hear. Hollan looked very good in the exhibition. I almost feel like we’re being overlooked this year simply because of everything else going on in the SEC West. Although I noticed that Aaron Fitt, who was in attendance at these games, was highly impressed with what he saw from us.

I’m sure you’ve addressed this here Matt, but is Smith expected to stick at closer for us or is he going back to the rotation?

I think he will be a starter because he can throw three pitches well.

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Matt, have you heard any talk about frosh Jordan Huskey? His mom and my daughter were good friends back home in Benton. Great family for sure.

I have not.

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