I don't have good vibes about today

We have played great basketball lately and I should feel comfortable, but every time we start to feel good about them we have a game where we look like we don’t have a clue.The last 2 Road games have been horrible, hopefully this can stop today, but I don’t feel real comfortable about it for the above reason.

Uh we blew out Vandy in our last road game. Granted, Vandy sucks, but we played well.

I’m sure you’re just forgetting, but Arkansas beat Vandy by 21 on the road last weekend.

Looks like OSU has been down with COVID. Hogs should be as ble to tire them out.

I also feel timid. last year’s team was sooooo solid, so gutsy. they didnt care who they played or where.

this year’s team has been so up and down. and they seem to be up against average competition and timid against teams that play solid defense. And OSU should play good defense, especially in a home game in this BIg 8-SEC thing.

Let’s hope we play like we did at Tennessee, not how we played at LSU or Bummer.

either way, I’ll be watching and pulling for them. really curious to watch the Moody-Cade matchup and how we defend Cade.


I think if we start fast…we’ll be fine…if not…well​:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah without their 2nd best player so not even close to a fair fight, the last two games where were up against good to great competition, we got crushed.OSU is very good hope I’m wrong but going to be a very tough game.

Sorry Matt was trying to copy/paste what I told Swine

I just hold out hope for our hogs. I’ll be waiting for Desi to set the tone and start providing leadership on the floor.
The skid our hogs took can be linked to Justin Smith’s injury. They just look like they have more fun and free with Smith on the floor. The freshmen have started to make a bigger impact and be more aggressive as each game is played.
It will come down to which team values each possession and who takes the best shots. There may be a few players foul out today and they will impact the game as well.
The hogs need the win!

Billy…if you were not worrying I’d be concerned about you. It’s going to be a tough game for sure.

A W would be great.

Oh I have Great hope! But reality is our last 2 road games against very good teams have been woeful

Just looking at what has happened.hope I’m wrong but we will find out soon.

Cade hasn’t played in three weeks. And COVID can have lingering effects on the lungs, and the lungs provide the fuel for an athlete’s muscles (oxygen). Is he in game shape? Will he be able to go more than 15 minutes? Stay tuned.

Good point, we will see.

Despite those 2 blood bathes where the hogs got whipped behind the wood shed they are just playing better now.
The LSU and Alabama game might have been some good medicine for them. They better play like their hair is on fire if they want to play in the dance.
The improvements on this years Hogs hogs gives me confidence that if they lead late in a game they can close the games out unlike last year. I’ve looked for improvement just like with the football team. This team is improved!
I can’t help but think what it would have been like for Joe to be on this years Hogs!

After getting crushed by Tennessee, LSU and Alabama, you have good reason not to have good vibes. It is hard to know what to expect from this team. We have a really good coach, so I feel good about that. What I don’t feel confident about is our lack of muscle and inside play and our consistency of shooting the
three. We aren’t a well balanced team in that regard, so we live and die with shooting.

I was in Stillwater four years ago when that team got absolutely demolished by Oklahoma State. They are remembering the Ten (they were that day as well) and they will be emotionally ready.

This time the crowd won’t be as much of a factor, because of COVID. If they can avoid digging a huge hole early (like they did against LSU & Bama) they should be alright.

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Well, I feel great about this game. Smith is getting closer and closer to 100%. Moody has not had 2 bad games in a row. Notae looks like he broke out of his slump this last game. Devo is steadily improving in front of our eyes. Tate broke out of his short slump in a huge way. He’s been far and away our best player the last couple games. He’s the engine that makes this team go.

What’s not to like?

What is not to like is the last 2 road games against very good competition, this is by far the best team we’ve played since Bama. Really need to get off to a good start,if not we are in trouble. I really like the way we’re playing, so hopefully all that is behind us. Smith is not 100%, injured his ankle the other night