I don't have a problem with losing to Florida

Florida has so many advantages that they should win. Florida has 7 times the population of Arkansas and Florida is a far more desirable location then the freezing cold Fayetteville. Florida should always have much better players than Arkansas since, considering the far greater population and the the fact that it is a more desirable location, their pool of players to choose from it about ten times greater than what Arkansas has.

The fact that we can even play with Florida implies our coach must be absolutely outstanding. I don’t expect to ever win the conference. I realize that most of the SEC teams are in states with larger population and therefore a larger pool of players to choose from so I am satisfied with being somewhere in the middle.

Even I can’t accept this. There is no excuse that we lost last night. Florida shot horribly and our boys played down to their level and shot equally as bad. Because of the way Florida played, we should have won by double digits. We didn’t, there’s no excuse.

As for states, yes, Florida will ultimately have more talent on size of population alone. But Gainesville is a dump. Fayetteville is way better than Gainesville.

I agree, GeneralHog! I’ve lived in FL for many years, until we moved back to Arkansas in Sept.
Been to Gainesville quite a bit. Even the campus area isn’t all that great. I’ll take Fayetteville any day!
Build a consistent WINNING program and they will come.

This is not a very good Florida team. If Anderson could teach players to move without the ball, feed the post before jacking up long 3 pointers, they easily win this game. In typical Anderson fashion,he blames players and takes no responsibility for the way they played.

Florida has been a better program than Arkansas for 20 years, but you have to look at the game on its own merits, not historically. For as poorly as they played, the Razorbacks had a chance to win the game last night and lost at home to what probably will be a middle-of-the-pack team in the conference standings.

I guess you missed the post game where he specifically said he took responsibility for the game.

The OP was using sarcasm to make his point.

Obviously, lol

I have a problem losing at home to a team that is not as good as we are That was a bad loss last night. Florida has the least talent on that team I have seen since Billy Donovan’s arrival. They are not talented, but they played great defense. They shot poorly, but we were worse. We should have beaten that team. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda…

Funny, everything I’ve seen indicates Gainesville recruits itself. Palm trees, thousands of coeds, winter weather, etc. I’ve never been there so can’t say personally. But I have been to Stankvomit, which IS a hellhole, and they seem to be able to recruit with their Adida$ advantage$.

I’ve never been impressed with Gainesville, but my judgement of it is as an adult. High school kids aren’t judging towns by the same standards as me. Fayetteville and most of Northwest Arkansas are extremely safe, have good public schools and overall are a great place to raise a family, but those factors don’t matter to high school kids.

Yep, coeds and palm trees top schools and safety. USC is a walled garrison in the middle of South Central LA, but they normally recruit like mad. You really have to actively screw up for USC not to have a great football team.

I have a problem when our hogs continue to miss free throws, commit unforced turnovers, have player taking shots they sure don’t need to take and not knowing what a good shot is. Also I’m tired or 3 refs showing up and the calls always go against our hogs. (Traveling) called one way. The push off and the block charge.
Gabe needs to stay under the hole. Adrio needs to give the ball up and not be dribbling on a fast break. The players lost this game not CMA.
With the youth on this team there will be more losses just like last night so get ready for it.

Yes,the players lost the game under the direction of CMA, do you agree with that statement? Because if it wasn’t under his direction that’s MA fault, if it was under his direction and players failed to execute that going to happen at times and there’s where the gray area comes into play with many variables, but the coach at the end of the day is still responsible especially if your in your eight year. I read everyday where a CEO is fired for poor results, I don’t remember ever reading anywhere that 500 employees or a basketball team was dismissed due to not meeting expectations, it was always the CEO or head coach that was let go. I am not calling for MA to be fired but I do think he will have to make changes in his coaching,schemes and staff if he’s is going to raise this program to prominence. I know that he can do this but I’m not sure he’s willing to make changes and I understand that also. I enjoy your reading your posts Army as I know your are a dedicated Hog fan through and through as I am, I just see things different and trying to state my thoughts in a civil manner. WPS

I’ve worked with many corporations over the last 11 years and your statement about CEO versus the working man is completely wrong. Yes, CEO will get fired if consistent failure continues for a length of time, but ultimately the working man will get the ax first if the direction the CEO is trying to take the company doesn’t work out.

Yes, Anderson will ultimately get the blame as the leader and he should. My problem isn’t that people get upset with the coach, but they make up complete fabrications against the coach to push their opinion. It’s unjustified in a lot of cases.

Florida NCAA Tournament History:
Appearances- 20
Final Fours - 5
National Championships - 2

Arkansas NCAA Tournament History:
Appearances- 41
Final Fours - 6
National Championships- 1

Your post is both sad on your part and ridiculous based on historical facts.
I believe most Razorback basketball fans aren’t OK with our team being a middle of the conference type of team as you claim to be.
We’ve done better historically and we expect to get back to doing that again sooner than later.

Go Hogs!

I did not have a problem losing when Florida had Noah, Horford, Brewer and a roster filled with enough talent to win back to back National Championships.

I do have a problem when we lose to a very mediocre Florida in Bud Walton.

Both Sutton and Richardson beat higher rabked teams at home frequently. For example Sutton beating the great Phi Slamma Jamma team lead by Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler and Ricardson beating #6 Kentucky and #2 Auburn back to back with a very good team but not great Reid, Bradley, and Hood team in 1999.

This home loss to Florida should be acceptable. However, teams can and do lose games that they should never should. Hopefully this game was a freak loss and they play closer to form the rest of season.

Rice with the youth of our hogs there will be more games just like this one. They may even be a better road team. The lack of experience is killing them. They commit too many unforced turnovers and don’t finish at the rim.
The bright spot they seem to have paid attention to rebounding and improving there.
The free throw line and shot selection needs to happen now.

Rice with the youth of our hogs there will be more games just like this one. They may even be a better road team. The lack of experience is killing them. They commit too many unforced turnovers and don’t finish at the rim.
The bright spot they seem to have paid attention to rebounding and improving there.
The free throw line and shot selection needs to happen now.
There will be nights when shots aren’t falling.

I expect the team will recover from this loss. What l do not want to see again is not getting Gafford at least 12 shots a game and continued outside shooting by Gabe and Adrio. We cannot be sloppy with the ball.

All good and even great outside shooters have cold spells ( see Steph Curry’. I can deal with Joe and Jones having a nearly 100% green light and if they have a bad game, so be it. Harris has not shown that he can make outside shots, but he almost has to take 1 or 2 just to keep his defender somewhat honest and allow him to penetrate and dish. Sills and Embery-Simpson should only take 3 point shots when they are open and in rhythm. If they are hot, they should continue to take good shots. As I stared earlier, Gabe and Adrio should only dunk or take a layup. Either of them should be the final option unless they have a really good shot. Chaney has not played enough recently to assess whether he can consistently score against SEC opponents. He did show more basketball skills than Gabe or Adrio during non-conference play. That leaves Gafford. First,I am a Gafford fan. His play is so much better than when he was a raw freshman. Gafford is a great transition player and is a NBA finisher. He has shown range out to 15’ and his free throw shooting is slowly improving. Gafford needs to be the first option almost all the time.

Now, I don’t have a clue how this will play out. We have looked like a solid NCAA team and we have looked as bad as the football team. I want to be optimistic and think that we will grow and be a good team in March. WPS