I don't ever recall a bigger melt down...

:oops: :evil:

Pitiful top of ninth

Bottom half was excusable as well.
2nd and 3rd, no outs, don’t score. We didn’t friggen need a home run (would have been nice, yes, but didn’t need it), needed a hit.

I do … several times last year.

It reminded me of many last year. That terrible feeling of watching it slip surely away. I was forgetting those painful memories. Oh well, got to get them tomorrow!

^^ This… And didn’t LSU pull an even bigger comeback against the Razorbacks last year in a 9 run 9th inning or something to that effect?

LSU rallied from an eight-run deficit last year. It was 9-4 in the seventh when things started to come undone. That one was a lot like tonight with errors.

Thank you for the correct information Matt, I knew I was close but not correct. I appreciate your post.

Last was a Heart breaker to watch.

I worked a game at Baum in late 90s in which Usce blew about a 10-run lead in the last inning in the snow.

There have been lots of bigger meltdowns but this one hurt bc it was somewhat due to an amazing SS gagging a play he normally makes in his sleep.

If was a highly frustrating series loss but it was LSU and this team is still very good.