I don't do moral victories

We lost, it sucks, and I’m angry about it, especially at our special teams.

I have a lot of respect for Storey’s toughness. He didn’t do well in the passing game but he also didn’t get help on balls that should have been caught either. And he mostly made the right choice in passes.

Our defense deserves all the credit tonight. They were well prepared and tough in a tough situation.

We finally seem to be able to move the ball, but we need to do it more consistently and our oline needs to keep improving to help Ty and our RB’s.

We were expected to be run out of the stadium and we weren’t. If it weren’t for our special teams, we would have been right there in the game till the last 7 minutes of the game.

Something to build on and I was thrilled to see our young men get mean and aggressive towards Auburn. Keep it up!

The defense deserves a ton of credit but the Oline looked better than expected. Ty Storey looked better than expected while being under pressure most of the night. Our offense went against a TOP level defense tonight.

Yes General, I agree about no moral victories. Having said that, this season could be all about incremental improvement throughout the season by both the players and coaching staff.
Before you know it our Hogs will likely be 1-5 with six games left to play and it will be so important that the staff keep the players focused and hungry to keep improving not only for the final six games, but with an eye on improving the culture of the program for the future.

The Defense played hard tonight and can be proud of their improvement.
The Offense on the other hand just can’t get and stay on schedule and sustain drives at this point and will likely not score many points in SEC games.
Special Teams are anything but special as we witnessed again tonight.

I did see enough to feel some optimism for the future, but it will take a couple of top 20-25 recruiting classes to get this football program turned around.

Go Hogs!