I don't care what anyone else thinks

Nobody has to agree with or like my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m not going to change anyone’s mind and no one is going to change mine. Bielema is a 7-9 win coach. I think he is Houston Nutt 2.0

I hope you are wrong, but I am beginning to think that is the case. We lost to decent teams this season except for this one. Regardless though, losing against those in your division just because they are good isn’t good for you.

Double digit wins in 4/7 yrs at Wisconsin. Big 10 is not SEC West but it’s not the Gulf South either. My question, I guess, is besides Sagan who in the world is not a 7-9 win coach? And Saban was until he went to talent rich LSU and then more talent rich Bama. BB’s coaching was fine in the 1st half. We were undone by total lack of pass rush and by two horrible turnovers.

What we are really missing is the dynamic edge players that every team seems to have except us.

I guess that I was premature with the 7-9 win a year coach statement. He hasn’t won 9 games at Arkansas yet. Let me revise my statement. I think Bielema will average 7-8 wins a year at Arkansas.

In order to get those double digit wins a coach has to be elite at some aspect of the game. Whether it be recruiting, offensively or defense. BB is not elite at any aspect.

I said that the day he was hired. Why pay Nutt so much money to go away to hire his clone?

9? Really?

I think he’s clearly shown he’s a 6/7 win Coach in a good year. He makes Houston Nutt look like a big-time winner.

If you don’t care what anyone else thinks, why share it on a message board - lol


Because I chose to make my opinion known. I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about it. This is a Razorback message board and I think a valid place to voice my opinion on anything Razorback. I said that I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it because I know there is always going to be someone who can’t resist trying to take a shot at me for having and voicing my opinions that they don’t agree with. Just like you just did. I would think just the opposite. If I cared whether or not someone didn’t agree with me, I wouldn’t share my opinion on a message board.

Why would you take a shot at this guy initiating a thread/conversation following a very disappointing Hog loss??

I’m not sure he’s wrong.
I keep trying to think we are about to break through.
But I’m starting to wonder.

I think CBB brings more to the game than HDN, but maybe not as much as I thought.

I thought he was supposed to be a defensive guy??

What, exactly, is his primary strength?

So snarky when Hogs don’t perform and fans are upset. Hate to see how snarky you’ll be when your buddy Anderson misses the dance again.

DD can speak for himself. But, my guess is he’s a little bit snarky because some of the same posters whining on this thread are the ones that take shots at he and RD and question their reporting and evaluation of the players and recruits as soon as we lose.

Hog2009 is a great example. Right out the gate he’s making smart aleck remarks about “all the recruits that we beat Bama” for and mocking the reporting that this is one of the harder working and better recruiting staffs they have covered, even though the clearly more talented team lost, today.

I guess $9.99 a month gives Internet tough guys clearance to mock the reporters and then be breathlessly offended when someone responds just as most anyone would if you questioned their honesty, integrity and professionalism.

He responded in the way he did because he doesn’t like my post and tried to be cute and devalue it by responding in the fashion he did. I like Dudley and he is one of the reasons I have been a HI member for so many years. I know Dudley is a good man. He has his flaws, we all do. I believe his response was uncalled for, but no hard feelings on my part.

Dudley, are you some all-knowing Razorback football expert or something and I missed it?
Just curious … I need to know when to keep my opinions to myself.
Bielema and staff are tiring and unimpressive (exceptions for only Smith, Enos and Lunney, in that order) at least if you focus on wins and losses.
I get the academic stuff, the behavior off the field, etc, ad nauseum.
He was hired to coach winning football, not to be a molder of men…

Take any school in the country and see how they do in the sec west. A lot of schools are crying about having a disappointing season – texad, tech, Baylor, Aggies, lsu, 'miss schools)

We can’t lose the ones we’re supposed to win