I don't agree with Bo very often

But he made a solid point I heard about 20 minutes ago:

If Gus is a lock to take our job as the Gus Bus passengers insist, why the heck did UA spend money to hire a search firm? There are other ways to throw off Auburn, or other people trying to hire him, that don’t cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Yeah, I wrote that yesterday on this site. Probably got just skated over as some things do.

He probably got it from you then, Clay :smiley:

I think you hire the firm to vet the other candidates. For no other reason than to be prepared if Gus changes his mind last hour. You don’t want to be at the alter without being ready to pull the trigger on #2 right away.

If Arkansas contacts Gus officially it’s subject to FOI. My understanding is if the search firm contacts Gus, it’s not subject to FOI.