I don’t understand the Sec thinking

If you cancel baseball and other spring sports until April 15 , which is a month or less before school is out the entire season should be cancelled. They cannot use facilities to practice, so they have to practice on their own for a month, Some have left and gone home to take their online courses. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me! Am I missing something here or what?

Other conferences have shut down entirely. No more spring sports period. SEC opted to leave the door open a crack at least for now. I doubt we see any more baseball but the possibility remains

I do not know how they can play any more baseball this spring.

I think we all know there is not going to be baseball played this year. I think what you’re seeing from the SEC is a little bit of a power play - that it will be the last conference to give in, and that it was willing to wait longer than the NCAA to give in.

Won’t be any more baseball I’m sure.
Just hoping for some spring football practices now.

I understand the reasoning. We want to limit any contact. However, I wish there was a way to let the crowds stay home and play the game while televising it. That’s the way horse racing is being conducted at Oaklawn. I know, I know, the players would have to travel together and spend time together. I’m just going to get tired of watching horse racing.

I saw a message on Facebook indicating that the Casino at Oaklawn is still open. Is that true? If so that would seem to me to be a great place to pick up the virus with everyone’s hands on the slots.

Casinos will stay open until the government tells them to close. Horse racing community will operate until the infections hit there. They aren’t going to go anywhere else because they have to take care of their horses anyway.

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