I don’t understand the Beard to Texas mantra

many here have speculated this, but I don’t see it.

First he reportedly has said he would only leave for UK, KU, or Indiana. Texas is not a basketball blue blood. In fact I am sure they care more about BB in Lubbock then they do in Austin. Yes, I know they can throw huge coin at him, but it doesn’t fit with what has been said about him in the past. He is going to get a raise at Tech, and he is already making premium salary.

Just don’t know why he would want to go to Texas.

Except he is an alum.

Chris Beard was a manager and then a student assistant at Texas, where he worked for Tom Penders

Same path I took at Arkansas.

Lots of passion and sweat equity. Never forget your first love - so to speak.

I chose to not go to Kentucky when Coach Sutton offered to take me along because I was an Arkansan and I decided to stay at Arkansas with Coach Richardson.

I chose to be a sports writer in part because it was my passion more than coaching and because of how Coach Richardson was treated by some Razorback fans in his first two years here.

I get his Coach Beard’s affinity for the school he cut his teeth with early on

Coach Richardson was also treated poorly by some sports writers/columnists One in particular.

It was our gain when you chose to become a sports writer.

Thanks Dudley!


Yeah, BUT (knew that was coming didn’t you)

Mike didn’t cut his teeth here, played at Tulsa, then was a GA at Tulsa. Spent 17 seasons on the bench here (as an assistant) and calls this home. Beard spent 11 seasons at TT as an assistant and calls it home. I don’t understand the Beard to Texas either.

I believe Beard legitimately feels the same way about TT that Mike feels about AR. I believe TT May have Beard for a long time, and maybe relevant just as long

Glad you stayed home, Dudley.

Beard to Texas would be a surprise to folks here in Austin as they don’t think their coach is going anywhere.

I don’t think they necessarily mean that Shaka is being fired this month and Beard will replace him. More that UT is the only job Beard would leave Tech to take, whenever that may be.

Plain and simple not true. That maybe what those idiots in Austin think, but, and I said this above. Beard has said TT is home. Exactly what Mike said about AR. It’s not like TT is not in a P5 conference. Mike wouldn’t leave AR to go to Tulsa, and I doubt Beard would leave TT to go to Texas. Makes absolutely zero sense.

It may well not be true. The only person who knows that answer is Chris Beard (well maybe his wife too) and they’re not talking. But it fits right in to EOE arrogance that they think CB will come home as soon as they snap their fingers. Arrogance is what they do best in Asstin.

We are dealing in rumors and speculations. Who knows what comes true. But this is definitely out there and talked about. As I mentioned Dr, Fitz Hill said that on his radio show.

Shaka feels the heat from boosters that also did not want Charlie Strong. That is a fact. Articles written about that.

Shaka may be fired after NIT or if Buzz goes to A&M, Shaka will leave voluntarily for Va Tech because they want him.

Texas will then go after Beard and Beard will take it because that is thevjib hecwants.

It is not hard to believe someone would leave TT for Texas. Texas is the flagship University in a Texas and big money in Texas is at Texas and A&M and not at TT.

They assume Beard wants to coach at Texas because that’s what they always assume. I don’t think he’s said that to anyone.

Exactly why I said, that maybe what the idiots in Austin think.

I do not doubt for one minute that Shaka is feeling the heat. I didn’t say that was untrue. I believe that to be 100% true. I said I don’t believe Beard will go to Austin, makes no sense based off everything he (Beard) has said.