I Don’t Think Muss is here for 2023 -2024 Season

No sources at all - just my opinion. Things have felt off and I can’t put my finger on it.

Hope I’m wrong. We’ll see soon enough

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I am speculating but have wondered as well. I don’t know if TX job or another but have wondered if he wants to stay as has been a frustrating year. Hopeful he wants to stay a long time and hope we make the tourney this year as Arkansas always should in my view

Hopefully that’s not the case, but agree that things have just felt very off and I have wondered the same. Maybe it’s personal. Maybe its just personnel. But something is definitely off.

I came in to this season worried we might have to fend off a blue blood or deep pocketed program that would try to lure him away after this season. But as the season comes to a close, I worry more that it might be him that has the wandering eye. He’s always been a bit of a nomad throughout his career and his 4 seasons here equal his longest stay. I can’t help but have a very uneasy feeling right now.

Muss ain’t going anywhere, but I definitely think his approach will change.
Not a doubt in my mind that this season humbled him.
Maybe…switch up your defense, play a few more guys that YOU recruited, and learn that timeouts are your friend.
No way he can find sustained success signing a whole new team every year…build quality depth, please!


The guys he recruited love to run and transition but that doesn’t seem his game. I think back to Richardson and even Sutton when poor shooting days could be overcome with in your face press and traps and transition baskets.


Well I really think your opinion belongs to you! I’m proud I don’t have the same thoughts.

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He will be here …He’s got too much ego to not try to come back and resurrect this season… I will be curious to see what kind of team he recruits to come in here next… I pretty much guarantee you he’s going to find him some shooters just like this year he realized he had to have some big men well you have to have both but the big men have to be able to score inside and rebound.

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Agree Jeremy. He’s got everything he needs here to win a Natty and our fan base is 2nd to none! His roster management may need some tweaking after this year…who knows?


I can’t imagine Muss leaving. IMO Jeremy is 100% correct.


I know it’s not going to happen but this is a better team when the freshmen become sophomores. They need more time in the weight room to play through contact. I’m reminded of Michael Jordan coming into the NBA and getting the physical treatment from the Pistons. He had never lifted weights before and then really hit the gym to be able to handle the contact. That’s what our freshman have been dealing with this year. Doesn’t really matter , AB and NSJ are gone. I hope Walsh comes back. Dunning and Ford should be in the rotation. Hopefully, Pinion improves on defense so he can see the court. All of those guys need to get stronger in the off season.

I agree something has been off this year but I don’t think Muss is leaving. I don’t think this team got to play together enough to gel and learn their roles. I agree with Jeremy that this had to be a frustrating and humbling year for Muss.

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It has been challenging to say the least to figure out the right combination and rotation of players. Incorporating Smith may have hurt as much as its helped. He’s taking an AAU volume of shots. That means others have a reduced capacity. (Although currently I dont who should be shooting more) all I know is we we were 5-0 before his return and 2-5 since.

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Muss will be back. He’s a natural gambler. Last 2 years he gambled on some portal guys and it worked out. This year he gambled on some very talented High School guys and they didn’t live up to the hype. I know it won’t happen, but AB , Walsh , and Nick could really benefit if they chose to come back one more year. But AB and Nick are gone. Walsh? Don’t know. Muss will have about 5 scholarships to work with this off season. Going to be very interesting seeing who he goes after.

Why do people think the Texas job will be open, the coach they have now is doing a good job.

I can’t come up with a reason why he would want to leave even though I’m sure deep down that this team has not met his expectations and that’s the nature of the beast. The job at Arkansas doesn’t come with the pressure of some of the blue blood schools and he’s proven that he can get talent to come and he’s fairly well compensated. I think he will recognize the pitfalls of this season much better than anyone on this board has done. One thing for sure he has stuck with what he believes in and has not waived in the least bit which you have to appreciate, if the coach is not confident neither will the team. Time will tell and I think he’s here for the long haul. WPS

I’m not sure Arkansas job doesn’t have the pressure of some big programs as it is a top 15 all time tourney appearance program. Short of the dark years post Nolan this is among the most notable top 10-20 programs in the country for almost 50 years. Miss the NCAA tourney and get an NIT invite, and coach will feel the pressure as any coach would at Arkansas because NIT is unacceptable. Not the heat of being fired but the disappointment of a proud fan base that knows this program belongs in NCAA’s annually.

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Jackson, you generally have a good pulse and sources to the program so I won’t discount your post.

I guess if usc opens up maybe? I know Arizona got his attention when it opened. Not sure of his religion but if Catholic would a rebuild of notre dame appeal? Would think that place would be hard to rebuild on yearly basis.

We seem to be better position than we were before he got here however in the portal and one and done world not sure you can sustain long term success anymore

No sources at all - just a feeling.

It’s more than a feeling
And I begin dreaming
Then I see Musselman walking away

Cue Tom Scholz guitar riff


He will be back next season. But I will say again that if he does not win NC or go to at least FF in the next 2 years, he leaves to a school with a higher probability of winning a NC. He is an impatient guy and believes he has what it takes to win a NC.

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I was thinking about that last night, will TX keep him, or will they Texass because his name isn’t “big enough”. Really interested in watching how it plays out, because it could effect us in more ways than just one.