I don’t remember ever seeing recruiting like this at UA

And certainly not off an almost historically bad 2-10 season and first year coach.

For one who has cried about recruiting in the modern era, I’m crying no more.

Hats off to this staff for selling a vision and working so hard to bring this program back.



Completely agree…and if they start winning more games per year then look out! That could almost certainly create similar if not better classes than this one and if that is the case then this team will be fun to watch again!

Looking forward to the time when we worry about losing our coach:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

There’s always the possibility of a coach who can win in February (or now December) but not so much when he actually has to get it done in September and October. Texas had a notorious Mr. February, name of Mack Brown. Vince Young dragged him to an NC in spite of his miscoaching; otherwise he consistently underachieved his recruiting rankings. But it’s nice to have someone who can get the names on the dotted line so we’re at least not playing against them in October.

It would be nice for the hogs to get to where on NSD 4 star players would be waiting on a call from a Hog coach letting them know they have a spot open. Instead of waiting on players to make their mind up. This has been a great day of crootin for the staff.

CCM and staff had a very big day and took a giant step in the right direction for our program. Congrats to all in their tireless efforts, I also want to thank everyone of the young men who signed today and look forward to seeing them take the field. WPS

The proof is in the pudding . . . but you have to have the right ingredients to make a “championship pudding”. Now, we’ll see if the coaches have a good recipe, as well.

I’m the first to caution that you never really know what you have in a class until they’ve been on campus (and in games) for 2-3 years. That said, I’m very bullish on the overall makeup and athleticism of this class. Time will tell.

I recall the story going that Bobby Burton would provide (paid service, I presume) the UT staff a list of top recruits who were virtually guaranteed to say “Yes” to a UT offer. It became a bit of a tautology - UT always got their guys because Burton made sure they knew who they were. Made it easy for Bobby to appease the teasipper boosters, too, but making sure those top 18-20 were elite level recruits.

We’ve come a long way since then, but when you make money off of the recruitment of HS prospects you are going to follow the prospects who generate “hits” and revenue. It is inevitable that the huge booster bases who shell out the big bucks for recruiting info drive a big chunk of the traffic. Again, a bit of a tautology.

That OU didn’t chase Latham and Stromberg doesn’t surprise, necessarily. OU signed - I think - just one in-state recruit today. But, why would OSU (with only one 4-star recruit and no 5-star recruits) not chase after them? Stillwater is even closer than Fayetteville to Jenks or Union HS.

Regardless, it is nice to see UA having this success, especially off of a 2-10 season. Give this bunch two years and I anticipate a big turnaround. Be nice to reward everyone with a bowl season next year. Baby steps.

This is a good observation Swine

I expect success to follow in the near future. X’s and O’s work better with our new Jimmy & Joes. It’s not hard to be excited about these kids and our future. Couple of more years of this kind of recruiting and we should have a fun ride.

Two differences that I see.

None of the other staffs had the early signing period so it’s apples and oranges.

The Rivals 12 ranking is lofty air. Never been there in Dec. since 2002 when the rankings truly become a thing.

Gotta finish, but doing what they have so far off a 2-10 year seems very good.

It will be interesting to see where it goes from here in terms of the late period and in future years.