I don’t post often, but have a few thoughts from Saturday

Random thoughts…a bit rambling:

QB’s who can run, throw, improvise and have guts are an irreplaceable asset to a team. KJ checks all four boxes.

After watching the Miss. St. qb light up Auburn from the middle of the 2nd quarter on, I feel like last week’s defensive effort by the Hogs may not be getting enough credit.

I sure wish we’d played Auburn when we were healthier.

Mediocre qb play drags down an entire team (see Texas A&M in Oxford).

Georgia’s qb checks a lot of boxes, too.

We’ve gotta throw some slants against Bama. Maybe a dozen of them. They’re gonna bring the house to get to KJ.

Texas. Hehehehe.

I can’t help but like Coach O.

If KJ only played in four games in 2019 and last year is a universal “do over” because of COVID, is he technically only a freshman this year eligibility wise?

Tennessee losing big always makes me smile.

Gawd, we lose a lotta guys after this season. But I’ll forever be grateful to this year’s team. They’ve hung in through the worst of times and made us all proud. Gotta be a lot of good parents of this team’s players.


Perhaps not quite as many as you think, due to the Covid issue. Of course, roster limitations will affect the final number, and we will still lose quite a few. But I’d bet we have 4-7 “Super Seniors” again next season.

Nice post, by the way.


love the original post, also. and speaking of “who might return”, if that list included Bumper and Montaric brown and catalon, it’d be a HUUUUGE deal for us hog fans. I’m kinda assuming Ridgeway comes back, but what do I know.


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Same here but I sure am glad we got them last year and not this year.

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I think all those guys are gone.

Great post BTW
Nope Texhog, I’m betting all of those mentioned won’t be gone - me thinks that Catalon as well as others return

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Super seniors have to fit into the 85 limit for 2022. They don’t this year. So the number of returnees plus signees plus incoming transfers has to be 85 or less. So it’s a lot more complicated. I’m sure we’ll have a super senior or two, but not that many unless a lot of people hit the portal.

KJ is a redshirt soph this year. He could get a sixth year, which would be 2024, if he wants, under the six years to play five provision.

Sadly we won’t see as many stay as a super senior. Bumper may be only one.

Kj probably gone after next year despite his other years

Just going by what the Pitt boss himself told Dudley

Agree there are a lot of variables. But I’ll stick with my prediction of 4 to 7…

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