I don’t need CCM to win

At least not this year. I just want to have some confidence we are moving in the right direction. I saw improvement from game 1 to game 2. That was encouraging and confidence building. I expected a lot of running the ball down NTs throat this week. That didn’t happen. I have no idea why. I expected Cole Kelley to be pulled a lot sooner than he was. That didn’t happen. I have no idea why. I expected to see more dynamic plays with the speed of our offense. I didn’t see that. I have no idea why. I give CCM a pass on wins and losses. But if he wants more from me he needs to build my confidence. He isn’t. I’m not alone, am I?

He is getting paid a lot for the Hogs to play competitively, even with a weak roster. Lots of leadership issues here and it’s not just the players. I’m on his side but he is certainly creating a lot of questions.

I didn’t expect to win this year, but I expected to see sound coaching to the talent, and desire.

I’m not sure I saw much of either.

We all know we need more talent. That’s no secret.

But the lack of game coaching and ability to call plays to the talent and adjust makes me question competency.

We have many holes but enough talent to have won the last two games.

With some of the game coaching and play calling it makes me question whether CCM would have won yesterday if he had all the talent.

While Arkansas always hopes to have more talent we often don’t.

We have won doing more with less at times.

I am not sure CCM can do more with less from what I’ve seen so far.

I expect to lose during transition seasons but not this way.

And to previous post, I fear he’s raising coaching questions about himself I didn’t expect at this early stage.

I was very disappointed he started one of the upperclassmen at QB. It’s obvious to everybody watching on TV and in the stadium neither of these young men are SEC QBs. I think we would have had a better chance with Noland playing from the get go yesterday because Kelley basically made the game unwinnable with his decisions.

We are a mess offensively. Can’t run and no short, quick passing game. No rhythm of any kind established.

Am I confident based on what I’ve seen? Not really, but have had no confidence in the Razorback HC since early 2015 so I’m used to this feeling of despair! :smiley:

All of that said, several other first year HCs are presiding over very rough debuts and I don’t think all of them have forgotten how to coach. Turning a battleship takes time and is not always a smooth process… usually isn’t.

Finally, I said I’m not going to post anymore about my concerns him not traveling with the team on road trips - and I won’t. But I will say again I think it’s a PR blunder and will be brought up by critics when the theam plays poorly and doesn’t seem prepared.

I agree great success wasn’t needed this year but there are lots of red flags that suggest CCM is in over his head.

IMO he needs to hire a experienced OL coach and Off Cord to start.

He also needs to take control of his locker room. Upper classmen are soft and have a losing mentality. Really don’t need that to rub off on freshman.

We couldn’t run it because they had too many in the box, which I seem to remember him saying that wouldn’t happen with his offense, as with the previous staff. The passing game had 1 on 1 coverage on the outside guys, we failed miserably to take advantage of that. As to Kelley, he wanted/hoped to stick with one QB, which he did without success. Speed?? Jones is our only speed at WR, the other guys are more possession speed WR’s.

CCM says we are a sleeping giant…I think we are in coma right now and I agree that CCM as not show that he can get us to wake up. :expressionless: