I don’t know why

but I believe the new coach will be Campbell. We shall see.

I hope you are right. GHG!

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Hope you are right!!

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I hope you are right also. But, I’m beginning to sense that Fickell is moving up the ranks of the candidates. I’d be fine with him, but prefer Campbell. There’s at least a handful of names out there that I’d be very happy to have as our new coach.

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In my opinion, anybody but the Gus Bus !

Don’t think you have to worry about that PG

I’ll second that on the anti Gus Bus wagon!

Both Campbell & Fickell seem to get the most out of their talent. Not sure which would better recruit TX, OK, & AR.

Campbell recruits coast to coast, & recruiting ranks in mid 40s to mid 50s. Assume Iowa St being remote location would be tough to recruit.

Fickell primarily recruits out of OH & IL, & recruiting ranks in upper 40s to upper 70s. Cincinnati being an AAC team, same as Memphis, may be a tough sell against Power 5.

This is such an important hire for this AD he needs someone with strong track record of major D1 power 5 success.

Ideally at multiple schools.

And someone who can unite and rally the fan base -I.e buy tickets and get behind program efforts quickly.

You don’t have to win the press conference but you better be able to excite a state and program again and have a plan of course for hiring of major assistants and recruiters etc.

Who out there can really do that? Lots of good coaches out there if you don’t need some of those intangibles.

But that’s not where the program is right now.

It needs a big time shot in the arm from an established winner we are willing to pay more than ever before.

If it does end up being Fickell he could absolutely sell playing in the SEC to the local Cincinnati area talent that Ohio State doesn’t get. The Cincinnati area has more D1 players by far than the entire state of Arkansas on a yearly basis, I’ve lived here for the past 20 years and I can tell you that is a fact.
The NFL has a whole bunch of local Cincinnati area talent.
I don’t know how committed he would be to Arkansas long term because I believe he wants to be at Ohio State at some point as HC.
In the mean time he would be a tremendous upgrade to what we’ve had for the past 7 years.

Go Hogs!


Looking like Ryan Day will be there for a good while.

I was thinking the same thing on the Cincinnati recruiting angle. Texas is obviously priority #1 but if he kept the current assistants responsible for Texas then he might be able to open up some new midwest areas like Cincy.

SAM PITTMAN. He can cover all the bases… I think he would be the best coach out their

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Besides, I think he wants the job…

Under normal circumstances I would agree BUT as HY said he has to make an excellent hire and I just don’t see him hiring a position coach!

It would probably mean another round with Jim Cheney. One might argue that Georgia’s offense hasn’t been as strong since he left there (but I’m sure there is probably a stat that could argue against that, too).

Don’t be surprised by anything Yurachek might have in his bag of tricks. Might hire someone who is not coaching currently. If so that decision could be announced soon after Friday’s game.

Would HY make another coordinator hire like Pittman to HC & risk another CCM fiasco? Pittman is obviously a great recruiter & OL coach, but moving him to HC is a big jump. If he is that good, why at 58 has he not moved into an OC or HC position by now?

He won’t do that … no way no how

All of this talk about these coaches getting more out of less talent is great, (in those weaker conferences where they play 1 or 2 sometimes 3 top 20 teams a year). So that will get you 2-4 wins in this conference from the bottom half teams each year. Plus beating the normal cupcakes = 7-8 wins a year here.
The new coach needs to do more with less initially but gonna have to step up it quickly in recruiting here where he will face 4-6 top top 20 teams & 2-3 top 5 teams a year if we want a higher ceiling.
I’m just saying.