I don’t know what the problem is but

I tried, after the game, to go look at he play by play on ESPN. It stopped with our time out with the score 60-51 (which I see here was never the score). They never fixed it. This morning, that section (the play by play) is not even on the ESPN page. Strange.

The overall lack of TV appearances (beyond streaming) has hurt the Hog’s brand around the country and it shows in all the Top 25 polls with virtually no points allotted. This team is fun to watch but even the SEC has seen little of us. And I understand when we get into SEC play that will change on the TV side but it’s a shame not to get a higher profile with a 10-1 record for the fans and recruits we’re trying to impress seeing limited games of the Muss’ style.

If a kid wants to see us play he can. Greater availability now than in the old regional telecast days where if you lived outside the SEC footprint there was no chance.

Everyone can list all the reasons why it can’t be done and its all total Bullschiff!!

They got a video feed that feeds the overhead video boards. Splice into that and set up a video screen in a private location and put a damn cell phone in front of the screen and live stream it to Twitter or some such platform as that… even if its on the Hogs Website. You could do all that for less than 500 dollars. You could do something very similar for the sound with just piping the broadcast into the room through a speaker line.

Anyone that says they can’t just don’t want to admit that in this day and age the technology is there to do just about anything. The quality would not be as great as a real production, but video would be out there.

If they really wanted to provide the game for the fans to view they could.

The reason they do not do something simple like that is: money. TV people make tons of money, but they are not interested in doing it for less than a ton.

And in other news, Arkansas won.


Nobody has said they couldn’t. They don’t want to spend the money to do it. And do you really think you’d be satisfied with a Periscope-style video stream? This board would have been chockful of people bitching about the low quality video last night.

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This is not my first rodeo. I’ve been watching the razorbacks for years. I’ve watched some really poor quality video from razorvision back in the day. Was I satisfied? Nope, but I knew it was better than getting nothing. And as far as the board bitching about poor video well that’s a complete wash because instead you have a board bitching about no video. So that’s a moot point.

It all boils down to the fact, its a simple job even if quality suffers, but they don’t have a way to make money off of it that way so they have no interest in fixing it. Always about the Benjamins.

Just give up, Votan. Swine has an answer for everything. And to say that if a kid wants to see us play, he can is a cop out. I doubt most of our recruits have a Roku hooked up to their TV like most of us do. We have a really good team here that hardly anyone outside of us has seen play.

I enjoyed listening to the game in my car. I don’t mind doing that once a year. Was the game a sellout?

I wonder if this discussion is partially based on age. I am 56. I grew up at a time when radio was almost the only way to keep up with the Hogs. By the time Sutton had been here a few years a few of the games would be taped and played at 10:30 that night. I was so excited on those nights. I remember one time I think the weather was bad and they were worried about being able to fly the tape to Little Rock in time to show it, so at half, they put the first half in a car and drove it to Little Rock (long before there were good roads to Fayetteville) and then drove the second half down after the game. I think the second half barely made it to Little Rock in time.

Anyway, while I love having access to almost all games anymore, it doesn’t kill me if a game or two are radio only.

If I had grown up in a time when I was used to seeing all games, I probably would feel different.

Just a thought.

Guess I missed it. Simmons not able to accommodate TV?


I’m not much younger than you, Greg. I’m 47. It’s just frustrating when SECN puts Kentucky’s freakin blue white game on TV, and the majority of our games thus far have been streamed. Do you think there is a single thing that Kentucky does that isn’t broadcast?

Yes it is, but that’s a SEC/ESPN/Calipari love fest thing.

I am 55; so quite a bit your junior. :wink: I’d much rather watch a game than listen to a radio broadcast of it. Chuck (and Paul, before him) does a great job of painting a game; and I do get the whole nostalgia thing. I simply prefer to see a game with my own eyes: observing player off-ball movement, shifting defenses, etc. I’m not one of those who simply follows the path of the ball.

But the current reality has been succinctly explained: There is no direct financial benefit to the UofA to stream the game … and it’s only one game a year.

I accept this; doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. :unamused:

They don’t broadcast Cal’s bag man making payments to players everything else is live for Kentucky.

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I love TV, but I like listening to radio broadcasts too. Baseball for sure.

The baseball broadcast is awesome. Phil makes it come to life!

Look forward to sitting on the deck listening while having a beverage or two and playing the horses. Life is good.