I don’t know Gus anymore

He’s unrecognizable in contrast to who he was as a coach. How Auburn used to play and how they play now are polar opposites. He has become the very thing he used to be opposite of in system and play calling. He is getting the results of those opposites too. Terrible.

It looks to me like Auburn’s problems mostly revolve around the offensive line and inexperienced receivers. Auburn isn’t running the ball as much because the line can’t blow the defense off the ball like it has the past five years, so it resorts to passing more than it is built to do.

Their running game has become less creative and more traditional. And it shows in the results. He needs to go get him another DB and coach him up as a QB.

That being said most of the experts lately have said Gus needs to utilize the talent & passing ability of Stidham but it’s hard to do when you can’t keep the defense honest with the run game due to the Oline inefficienties.
Auburn brass must be squirming now after Gus’s contract extension with hefty raise & big buyout.

He needs to give “complete control of the offense to his OC.”

Gus fans, does that sound familiar?

Gus is in TWOUBLE. Be the team that Tennessee stops their 11 conference losing streak against? Its gonna get UGGLY on the plains. Real soon.

Glad he’s not here. Auburn is stuck w him. Whoever gave him that contract, we’ll i wouldn’t call that job security. Fans booing.

If they don’t come back, still got UGA, Ole Miss and the Tide on the road, gets Jimbo at home. 7-5?

There is no such thing as a fearless Offense when you have a bad O-line Gas.

Hate this loss for Gus.

Just kidding.


Herb Hand was hired away by Texas.

Upgrade for the Horns. Clearly not for Aubbie.

Couldn’t happen to better folks.

I dislike Auburn more than any team in the SEC. A giant smile is on my face.

I only hope that if they do buy out the Bus that they don’t get a better model.

The fashionable thing to do is blame the Oline. Happens everywhere.

Auburn has problems throughout (especially compared to their recruiting rankings).

I think it’s funny seeing Auburn get beat by Tennessee at home. I could care less if they ever win another game. Gus is overrated.

Oline? Heard that somewhere before. You just got to have it or nothing else is going to work well. If you can’t get at least a tie (and that is not good) at the los, you are done.

He ran out of Chizik’s players…

A few years ago someone said the Spread/HUNH works but is not sustainable year in year out. Does anyone remember who made that claim, seems like he might have been on to something. Gus has worked his way into a tough spot it would seem, pride comes before the fall ! WPS

I’m having a very hard time working up any sympathy for Gus or Auburn. Well, it’s not like I’m trying work up any sympathy, but regardless, I have none.

I didn’t see this loss coming. After they lost last week, I though Gus would be on the hot seat with almost certain losses to UGA & Alabama, but now the temperature is really going up. Folks on the plains are gonna be screaming about all that money they’re stuck with paying a coach who looks way over rated.

How can you finish in the top ten recruiting every year and have almost all freshmen starting in your OL?