I don’t care how even you say it’s called

83 free throws is ridiculous. 1.5 fouls per minute in the game is ridiculous. It’s not college basketball. It’s three part-time referees, part-time accountants wanting to prop themselves up. Completely takes away from the flow of a basketball game. We are ranked 275th in the nation in Fouls per game.

There were another 10 to 15 fouls they could have called!

This is the game, spread and drive. Contrary to popular opinion on here, defense can rarely stop it, not consistently. We didn’t run a lot late in the last several games. It’s one on one. Hard to defend. It’s why teams everywhere do it. Thus foul a thon.

There were several fouls that the ref’s failed to give the hogs! Our players didn’t have the energy to make a free throw. It’s on to the next game and the next thread about how many free throws we will miss!

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