I Do Not Understand

What was Jones so mad at the other players and coaches about today? I can accept being upset about our own play, but anyone know what led to what we all saw during the time outs? This team has always seemed like a mutually supportive family before today, and I have been proud of their exhibited attitudes. Consequently, I cannot fathom what happened today.

The lip reading portion of the huddle was not pleasant.

Jones is lucky I’m not the coach. His rear end would sit for a game! Jones should be able to show leadership and today he failed too! Just like his late 3!
He had some support today but he lost his mind.

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I too would like to know. I was thinking…I never saw that on the bench when Nolan was coaching. Or Eddie for that matter.


Nolan and Eddie would not tolerate that from a player.

Did you see that with Heath, Pelphrey or Anderson? I don’t recall for any Razorback coach in my memory, although it is fading. I welcome refreshing it if necessary.

I think I remember once under John P.
But not as bad as today.

Was that Jason Henry?

I can’t remember who it was!
Where is John P. Now?

Head Coach of Tennessee Tech.

That’s a good place for him. He’s a good guy but just couldn’t get it done.

saw it plenty with Heath and Pephrey. Darian Townes tossed a towel on one of their heads, when pulled from a game and walking to his seat on the bench. cant remember which of those coaches he did that to, like you say-memory getting fuzzy. especially about things I don’t wan’t to remember, lol


Darian Townes got into an argument with Stan Heath and stormed off the court during a game.

Todd Day was temperamental and did have some conversations with Nolan and teammates that were childish and not looked on favorably by the head coach. Nolan would have last word.

And for those who go back to Eddie days, I think Darrell Walker often talked to teammates, opponents, referees and even Sutton In a way that was unbecoming at times. Assistants would grab him and take him to end of bench. It was legendary that Patsy Sutton got that out of Darrell eventually.

Coaches who coach with “fire in their belly”, generally have players who play with “fire in their belly”. During losing streaks and bad losses, that “fire” can turn more toward anger in the heat of the moment. In the case of this short handed team, exhaustion can compound the problem during the heat of the moment.

I believe this is still a close knit team and coach that both just hate to lose. It’s not anything that will carry forward past those “heated moments.”

We know this is how CEM coached at Nevada and he was extremely successful coaching that way when he had his players. It will be the same here.

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There is a big difference in a player going off in the huddle, littering the air with profanity, and having it be directed at the game vs. directing it at the coach or players. Both can have the coach and/or teammates be the primary audience.

If this was “why the %^#@ are you …” he’d sit. For any coach, or should. What little lip reading I performed it was more like, “y’all need to get it together and help us win.” Maybe, “help me win this for us.”

I am reading between the lines here but it is like several of you think that (somehow) Muss is somehow less willing to sit his star for this than other coaches. I don’t buy that for one minute. Maybe he has a longer leash after dealing with so-called professionals all those years!

I remember when Sutton was blessing out Willie Cutts during a game and Cutts took off and went to the locker room. Cutts was off the team at that point. Cutts ended up in prison and then got his life in order. I seem to recall that Cutts reached out to Sutton in later years and the two sorted things out.

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