I do not expect a win tomorrow, but,

I am hoping to see continued improvement and if it is there, I will be content. Personally I feel the first three games were a disaster, but the Auburn game much, much, more of a true contest even if we did lose. This game may mean a lot.

-I am looking for the Oline to gel a little because the A&M defense isn’t as great as the AU defense. I am hopeful we can run more on A&M and get some consistent drives.
-I am expecting Ty to be more comfortable and confident.
-Now that they have some film on Ty to find tendencies, I am expecting A&M to take advantage of the tendencies.
-Our WRs are the last piece of the puzzle to reach our potential on offense. I have no idea what to expect from them and that pisses me off.
-I am prepared for the Defense to get gashed a little since Mond can hurt us with his legs and I expect them to pick on our replacement for Calloway that is green.

I do expect the same scoreboard result the same as the last 3 games. And it’s all because of the coach.

Not talent ? I overwhelmed you with facts yesterday and you slinked off.

Still waiting for you to explain how talented the OL is based on their impressive offer lists.

Yep. The former coach. Brett Bielema.

You get banned for that stuff Jackson. Better quit talking bad about the players. The board police will come and get you. LOL.

another thread derailed by elmo

Seriously, everyone just needs to ignore elmo, and I’m preaching to myself on this one as I’m one of the worst offenders in talking to him. He’s shown his hand and he is not a fan at all, so ignore the trolls.

As for the game, I expect to win and I always will because that’s the beauty of sports. Anybody at anytime can come away with a victory. Call it David vs. Goliath mentality, but sports is littered with such examples.

As for the team, keep grinding, fighting, and progressing.

B glad when football season is over so we won’t hear from Elmo

Elmo - don’t take this personally, but when you start making assertions about great talent you best hope I don’t see your posts. If I do you’ll get exposed for all to see. I’m sure I’ve been wrong on this board about Razorback football on occasion, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I was! :sunglasses:

Good grief! Give it a rest will you!!! Seriously unbelievable!