I do know this

IF you always do
What you always did
You will always get
What you always got

Whatever the case our team has fallen off the tracks. Just a mere few years ago the Razorbacks were in a deep hole. Along comes Sam and Boom we’re off the mat. And became the Fighting Razorbacks. One we could be proud of. But yesterday’s game was just gut-wrenching experience. The crowd was booing (IMO) about the playing calling. Not the players or coaches.

Sam has just hit a wall. Now the next 3 games will maybe tell us just what type of coach CSP will be for us. If these kids are Not motivated for these 3 games something is wrong. Starting with the OL they have got to get back and reset themselves. Maybe it’s a case of working smarter and not harder. WR’s must go back to work and start helping the QB instead of hurting our team. The D has got to continue to get better. Our linebackers and DB’s are getting there. Don’t you think? I know the tackling has gotten better.

On to the QB. What has happened there. IMO KJ is hurt and can’t throw that well and running is off the table as of today. Let’s be real we should have won the A&M game and just 1 play cost us a chance at a +2 stat. That’s 7 & 2 !!! Would you be OK with that?

IMO we are just snake bit this year. I’m OK already this morning. IN a few the sun will come up and for Our team it’s time to re-think our goals and set some more, new goals to finish the season with a winning record and maybe a bowl. Never, Never give up. and

Don’t do what you always did!!
I still love my hometown team!!

Any thoughts, anyone?


Good thoughts Mike… football is a very tough game to play well every week. This time of year there is nobody feeling truly 100%. Just not going to happen, too many collisions against big strong fast people for your body to ever feel rejuvenated enough to go out and be as sharp as you want it to be.

Yesterday we were behind the eight ball in intensity and movement on offense pretty much all day starting from the very first 2 snaps where we did not block a soul and look like we were in slow motion. That was the theme for a whole lot of plays yesterday. I think we need to start the game going up tempo as fast as we possibly can and script about the first 10 to 15 plays to get us and hopefully some kind of rhythm get the blood flowing get the juices pumping and hopefully get off to a quick lead.

Defensively I thought we played very fast and very well,only a few plays where we were not in position to make plays. I thought it was our best game of the year. McAdoo the young freshman provided a big spark to them and I am very excited to see how he progresses.

I know from all my years of experience this time of year is more mental than anything else. Your body is not 100% so you have to get truly motivated and inspired to go out and play like you want to.

LSU is coming off a big win and I don’t care what you say it’s hard to come down off of that very quickly playing them at 11:00 maybe an advantage for us. We have not played that well at that time this year but neither have they they look like a train wreck against Tennessee at 11:00 in baton rouge several weeks ago.

If we somehow can upset them there’s not a doubt in my mind we can outscore Ole Miss if our offense is clicking like I know they are capable.
Missouri is by far the worst offensive team we will be seeing probably all year… they have a great defense but I believe we have enough offense to be able to beat them in a close game. We can end this on a three-game winning streak if we will get our minds right, get the proper rest and nutrition that you need during the week and come out ready to play like you’re freaking hair is on fire. If we do that we can win these last three.


Likewise good thoughts. That’s one point I have not understood. Let’s get going. Where is our “sense of urgency”? I yell at the TV all the time–Let’s Go" Razorbacks.

I’m not giving up on the Hawgs are you? IMO they need us now more than ever…


The lack of urgency is why I said we need to come out going up tempo as fast as we possibly can run plays. That will require briles to make a script sheet very much like Petrino used to do. When You’re Going up tempo you are forced to get the blood flowing because you’re having to get ready quickly as soon as the play is over with you can’t just walk back in a huddle take your time and then run the next play 20 30 seconds later.

I am not giving up on this team at all because the next three teams we play I have seen them not play very good games too… like I said football is a very very hard game to play at your best every week especially in LSU’s case after they’ve come off a very monumental win for them. I know firsthand how hard it is to get everybody dialed back in. The boot will be up for grabs and the team who wants to the worst will probably win it. They are more talented than we are so we’re going to have to find a way to overcome that and you do that by just being more inspired more ready to play than they are especially in those early games.


Woke up this morning with many of the same thoughts about the next three games being a time to really assess the current situation. While I would like to put it in a wins and losses situation, I am not certain that is the best measure. My first thought was if we win two out three, we are in good hands, win one of three and we probably need to evaluate further and if we lose all three then it looks problematic.

However, I thought more and decided to change my scorecard to assess how we looked in each of the three games. LSU is clearly more talented and has found a quarterback, so I am not getting my hopes too high as far as winning, but it does not mean we can’t compete, plus we are catching them at an opportune time to hang with them. I can concede Ole Miss may be a bit better than us, but beatable with a well played game and I think we are slightly better than Mizzou, but need to play at a high level on the road.

Most of us love Sam the person and want him to succeed and while not pushing a hasty decision, we do need to realize the trajectory of the program appears to have taken a detour. If Sam is the right guy he will get his bearings and make the turns that point us in the right direction. Stability is nice, except when mediocrity is the constant. I hope we are not there or headed there.


Both you guys have good points and thoughts on our program, our team is ill but we’re not dead. This was a terrible loss no doubt but it is only one loss but for some reason it felt like our season was stained yesterday. If we expect our team to shake this off and regroup then as fans we need to do the same thing. We know KJ was hurt and he truly is the leader of this group and teams play like the guys who are leading your team. The only thing important this morning is what we do moving forward to change our trajectory, maybe this will cause us to play with a chip on our shoulder the rest of season. Going in if we knew how banged up KJ was and we were playing the #23 team in the nation and lost by 1 point we would be disappointed but not distraught like we were after the game. A loss to Liberty is what has us upset the most I believe just because getting beat by Liberty is beneath us and that’s not the way sports work. We were defeated by the #23 in the nation and it doesn’t matter the name of the team, we wouldn’t be down like this if the name of the school had been Lsu, Ole Miss or someone of that caliber. It’s just counts as 1 loss, need to get up off the mat and prepare for next week. WPS


Now after today’s news it is a bit concerning that players get into trouble. I’m really trying to think if we have any of this behavior under CSP? I don’t think so but hopefully this is not something that has been festering for some time. This gives me some pause to think Mmmm What’s Up Here? This will remain an unsolved issue for us the fans. Our staff might disregard this as a minor issue with nothing problematic.

So it is Sam now has his work cut out for himself and the staff. Who wants to be a Razorback? Who wants to play and represent the Great State of Arkansas. Who wants to clean this up and clean up the on the field issues?

As we are into Sunday how do you see the landscape of Razorback FB??

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