I disagree with W. Hall article on honoring CNR

I disagree with the last paragraph of this article which reads - “Either way, it does seem like this might be the time for a couple of statues to be created outside Bud Walton — one for Eddie Sutton, who laid the foundation for Razorback basketball, and one for Nolan Richardson, who added a championship wing to the home of the Hogs.”

Although, I have great respect for Coach Eddie Sutton, I think it is a complete insult to CNR to even suggest that the university equally honor the two coaches with a statue each at BWA. Also IMO the statement “ Eddie Sutton, who laid the foundation for Razorback basketball“ cheapens CNR accomplishments. Yes, CES should be honored for the work he did while at the University, but not at the same level as Richardson. CNR won the only NCAA Basketball NC in school history and the program has not came close to that level of success since. A coach that achieves a National Championship deserves to be honored above all other coaches.


Plus, I forget the names but there were one or two basketball coaches who had the Rzorbacks well respected back in the 30’s and 40’s. The foundation was there when I was a kid. I am 83 now.

“The foundation was there…”


Good post! I liked both coaches but Nolan won it all!

I’m biased having worked for them both, but I believe they both should be honored.

The court should go to Coach Richardson thought because Coach Sutton already has one named for him at Oklahoma State.

Agree with OP

Without Coach Sutton and the program he built at Arkansas, Nolan may never have won the National Championship. Coach Sutton did build the Razorback basketball program into a powerhouse that Coach Richardson took to even greater heights. Both are Hall of Fame coaches. Both men need to be honored for their accomplishments.

I think we just need to name the court at Bud Walton after Nolan. People are still going to call the facility Bud Walton, but Nolan will be honored in a nice gesture. I don’t know what we need to do for Coach Sutton, but it needs to be something significant.

Yes indeed, both should be honored.

I liked Nolan Richardson and what he accomplished here at Arkansas,
but I still find it hard to honor a man that as much as anyone tried to
tear down what he built in his anger. He is partially responsible for
the state Arkansas basketball finds itself in today. If not for his angry
rants and accusations, we would have had Bill Self as the next coach
and I think continued to be successful. Instead we had to go down the
Stan Heath path to disprove Nolan’s racism accusations and that is a
path that is still costing us today in my opine. As much as people like
to blame John White (and rightly so), Nolan must shoulder some as
well for his actions against U of A. It hurt us in coaching hires, image,
and ability to recruit. I find it hard to honor that. Maybe I’m just pig
headed and stuck in my ways, but I can never forgive someone that
in any way hurts my beloved hogs. Period.

Spot on.

Coach Richardson did not do what Coach Sutton did & Vice Versa. Both should be honored as equals.

Well said. Nolan was GREAT when he was working toward that NC and built a career of achievement that warranted recognition… but he did his dead level best to DESTROY IT ALL on the way out to door and, as you said, was partially successful.

That bank teller might have been the best bank teller of all time for 17 years and deserved to be honored for a job well done, but she got tired of her job and publicly told the bank to shove it, then when she got let go she accused the president of sexual harassment, with virtually no evidence, and lost on all counts in court after dragging the bank through the mud in a very public way… I don’t think the bank should be honoring her work as a teller, regardless of how great those 17 years might have been. Disrespect her? No. Honor her? No way.

She stayed 17 years. Got rich doing it. Threw a fit on the way out. If it were about the principal of the matter, she wouldn’t have waited until she were fired. That feels a lot more like hurt feelings and retaliation than principal.

PS - Let’s not forget than Nolan wanted Mike, who was like a son to him, to replace him as the Arkansas head coach… if it were really so awful, would Nolan really want that…? Would that teller want her daughter to work at that same bank for those same people if the sexual harassment were really happening as she alleged? Doesn’t make sense. Stockholm syndrome maybe?

I don’t believe that building a statue to either of these former coaches is necessary.
There is plenty of reminders at BWA in the Hall of Fame / Trophy area that pays tribute to the two most successful basketball coaches over the past half century.
Both coaches took the program to Heights most fans hadn’t seen before, but both coaches left our program, Coach Sutton saying he would “Crawl” to Kentucky in order to leave Arkansas - thanks for your service but, No Statue!
Coach Richardson created incredible moments during his first 10 seasons while trying to get our program to the mountain top, which he did in 1994 and almost repeated in 1995. Unfortunately, that’s not how this Cinderella story ended for the remainder of his tenure at the UofA. Nolan probably should’ve stepped away from the program once he realized he didn’t have anything to prove to anyone, but he didn’t and we all not what ensued and the consequences of those acts leads me to say, thanks for your service but, No Statue!

If Statues were erected I’m quite certain in the day and age we are living in today that some rediculous group of young idiots would vandalize or tear them down for some reason at some point.

Go Hogs!

I don’t see this ending well unfortunately, as there are good arguments on both sides of this issue. The one thing we don’t have right now in our BB is solidarity and the next few weeks could prove out to cause more divisive as there are two camps on the coaching firing or retention debate.Lets just name a couple streets after them if it’s not already been done. “Eddie Sutton Half Court Avenue” and “ Nolan Richardson Championship Drive” would suit me. WPS

Great debate;
Erecting 2 statues for 2 great AR BB Coaches. With controversial departures.

In the future does UofA do the same for 2 great AR baseball coaches DeBryan & Van Horn?
What about our 2 great Men’s Track & Field Coaches as well?
What if CCM miraculously wins one or more NC’s or has us in the playoffs for several years or a mixture of both.
Does he get one next to Frank?

I think for major sports, winning national championship is a minimum. Only Frank and Nolan have done that. Doing it for Sutton, Van Horn and DeBryan cheapens the honor,

We also have a statue of John McDonnell, but we don’t have a statue of the other Arkansas coach to win NCs, Lance Harter. Of course Lance is still active, so that may be why. Norm has a street named for him.

When this conversation came up on the old Scout board a few years ago, I believed that Nolan’s name should be on the Practice Facility and he should have a statue outside BWA. I thought Eddie should have his name on the court. But it was pointed out that Eddie already has his name on a court. It was also pointed out that both McDonnell and Broyles have a statue, a complex, and a court (field) with their name on it. So, I think that Nolan’s name should now be on the court, the practice facility, and he should have a statue. I absolutely believe that a wing (maybe the practice court?) should have Eddie’s name. JMO

I have no problem honoring both, but the idea of EQUAL honors is not right. I realize buildings get named for people who give money and I understand why, but otherwise, “Bud Walton” should be “Nolan Richardson.” Since you can’t do that, at least name the court for Nolan.

Something appropriate for Eddie? Sure. But nothing close to equal to what gets done for Nolan.

I’m great with two statues, as long as the one of Eddie shows him crawling away from the Arena.