I didn't watch the game.....it appears Wil Wade is a bit upset

Poor little wade

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Will said “I have those kids backs”. Silly me I thought he had their back pocket. :wink:


He lost it when Bama pinned a shot on the backboard and the refs missed it. I didn’t see the entire game, so not sure if the calls leaned more to Bama outside of the normal home team calls.

Cant’ stand him. He must have the goods on someone to still be a head coach. I don’t follow any NCAA investigations because they are mostly a joke, but not sure any coach has had as much evidence against him as Wade.


I am sure there can be a bigger jerk than Will Wade, on a situational basis, but on a permanent basis I believe he would be hard to top! Since he probably thinks he smooth got away with prior blatant cheating, and nothing to date indicates that he hasn’t, guess he does not see it wise to keep one’s head down and keep a lower profile.

Poor Ron :rofl:

That’s a strong-ass tantrum right there.


Next time around Wade needs to make one of those step g a— offers to the refs! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving dirt bag! He shouldn’t be allowed to work anywhere around kids period.

Reality check is a lot harder to cover than one from the bank…

Perhaps Wade just needs to make another Strong A$$ Offer to the refs to make sure they get things going their way. That move is certainly in his playbook and evidently the NCAA doesn’t care that he did it before, so why not do it again.


I agree with you about “NCAA investigations”, but I think Pitino still leads the pack with “evidence” from those investigations. SAOs violate NCAA rules, not federal criminal statutes. He is, nonetheless, a dirtbag.

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LSU vs Memphis would be interesting

Big baby Will vs big baby Penny

Maybe they could have a knife fight afterwards


I wonder if either has cut his players salaries… :wink:


Questionable call at best. Certainly not definitely pinned.

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