I didn't know about Enos' dad

Man, this season has just been wild. Regardless or our performance, and this is intended as no way to make excuses, just observations, it seems like everything has happened. Didn’t a player or two have to go home in the preseason because his grandmother passed? I asked about the BYE week earlier to DD and where the coaches were, and regardless of Enos’ situation, there was the hurricane in our prime recruiting ground. I mean don’t go to a AR game in the rain this year, sheesh. It’s just been wild. I’m sure there are a dozen other things that we don’t know about, but my goodness. I’m sure most teams deal with it, but it just seems more than normal for Arkansas. And I’m not even talking about injuries…

I was useless the two weeks after my dad passed and had periods of deep sadness for a while that took away my focus on work.

I respect Enos for his professionalism and nice game plan and play calling.