I didn't get to watch the game.

I figured there would be lots of posts about it from a handful of fans that seem to post a lot–particularly after road games.

I don’t see those posters. They must have missed the game, too. What did I miss?

A great team win on the road against a gritty TN team. We struggled from about the 10 minute mark until the 3 minute mark of the first half. We were down 13 at the 3 minute mark and down just 2 at half. The last 23 minutes of the game we outscored
TN 56-39. If we can bottle that stretch, we will win 12-14 SEC games.

Coming out party for Barford in the first half. Beard was the best player on the floor. Macon closed out the win by shooting 12-13 free throws. Moses couldn’t buy a basket but got 10 boards, 3 assists and 3 blocks. Thomas came off the bench and probably had one of his best games. 7 boards, 6 points on 2-4 FG and 2-2 FTs.
Barford, Dusty, and Hannahs were 16-24 from the floor. Just an all around team win. Terrific coaching in the last 3-4 minutes. We managed to keep a 1-6 point lead, thanks to some really clutch free throw shooting and ball handling.

Generally, just a really good win, that should give this team confidence that they can win a hard fought game on the road.

Great info. How was defense and rebounding?

If Moses could score we will be tough to deal with.

Defense was good for pretty much the entire game on both sides. We got out rebounded which helped keep UT within striking distance in the second half. That is the only negative I came away with.

Our offense got really stagnant in the first half when they built their lead up to 13.

We got outrebounded by 7, mainly on the offensive glass. Vols got 14 of their misses, we only got 5 of ours (of course we shot 50% from the floor so fewer misses to go get).

We held them to 39% shooting from the field, 26% on threes, so good defensive work when we weren’t fouling. Both teams were over 1.0 ppp in offensive efficiency, but a lot of that was at the foul line; teams combined for 65 FTAs and made 46 (23 each). As other threads have noted, a lot of touch fouls on us. Only forced 8 turnovers, gave it away 9 times ourselves.