I didn't get to see the game Saturday

My wife and I were driving to Moore, Ok to see our son play. Our son’s team was getting drilled in the first half. The home team hit 12 three pointers in the first half…go figure.

I checked the hog score at half and I was glad we were only down 5. I had a gut feeling we might get blown out.

My son’s team gets down 19 in the second half and I told my wife I wouldn’t check the hog score until I knew for sure it was over. I couldn’t handle being mad about two games at once…lol

Halfway into the second half my son’s team got a boost. The home team decided to start talking trash and it was over the top. Our left handed, 6’1 point guard dunked on a 6’6 dude that was so nasty I almost fell off the bleachers. At that moment the trash talked flipped.

My son is quiet and doesn’t talk trash until you hit that right button. The other teams bench was calling my son trash, bad idea. He went on to go 7-8 from the field, 18 points with 8 rebounds and hit 4-4 from the line at the end of the game, when they were fouling to stop the clock. We win by 4 and my wife and I were the only fans in the gym for our team. Lots of fun walking out of that gym!

After celebrating with the team I check my phone and I see that we lost by one. It was very close to being a perfect Saturday for me.

One question for you guys ---- tell me again why people choose to live in Oklahoma?


What a day @razorblack. I’ve wondered that about Oklahoma myself. Spent a good deal of time there years ago. Nice folks but no thanks.

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LD it only got better from there.

We were spending the night in downtown Oklahoma City. We had to valet park at the hotel. When we woke Sunday morning I realized that the valet didn’t give us a ticket.

I called down to the valet and told him I had a 2021 Blue Chevy Silverado, with Arkansas tags and black wheels. He calls back and says he couldn’t find it. He insinuates I may have given my keys to someone that didn’t work there.

So know I’m in a panic! I go down to the front desk and they start quizzing me about what the valet looked like. I tell them what my key ring looks like and another young man finds my keys in like 5 seconds. I thought we were about to uber back to Hot Springs…lol

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You missed what could be called a give away game. When you look at the stat sheet you would the hogs won bet double digits. The score doesn’t tell the story of this game. Our hogs played just bad enough to give Bama a cushion and Bama tried to give the game back
to the hogs but we could get it done.
With possession and a 1 point lead we committed A TO that literally gifted the game from that point on.
It wasn’t the hogs day.
On the bright side Notae only played 3 minutes of the first half in foul trouble so he should be well rested. He also got rid of the TO bug and should be ready for Missouri

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Army I was looking at the box score after the game and I thought - how in the world did we lose?

I hope we don’t have a let down tomorrow. Kobe usually plays very well at home.

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Also, Jeff, against Bama Toney goes 1-11 (mostly point-blank bunnies) and gets a stupid tech for throwing the ball at a Bama dude. Don’t watch the replay. You’ll just get mad. Tomorrow is a very big game. Nothing but Q1 after that.

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Man it’s hard to believe the hogs lost.
Watching the game you can see why!
Failure to take advantage of the easy chances to score. Getting a T and 2 easy points! Fouling when you know the layup is going to go plus the free throw! Missing free throws! Shot clock violation! Failure to feed the hot hand!
Umede was hitting on all cylinders and he wasn’t getting to touch the ball! I could list a lot more.
Can’t afford a let down tomorrow

Folks live in Oklahoma because of oil, natural gas or our armed services. Not any other good reason. Tinker Air Base is big time. And Lawton has military, too.

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Never lived there, but been to Tulsa several times and it seemed like a nice town…

I was just joking…I went to basic training at Lawton…not many good memories there.

Me too! One thing for sure the wind always blows in Lawton! When it’s cold it is really cold.

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The wind blows constantly from about OK City on westward. Further west you go more it blows and trees get less and starting leaning to the east.
Pan handle of OK was first and only place I seen it snow like a blizzard with thunder and lightening.

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Because they don’t have enough class to be allowed in this state.
Marty and CSP got out of there asap.:sunglasses:

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I haven’t posted about the game. I know in any 1 point loss there are lots and lots and places to look at and see where “if we make that shot” etc. etc. But the T, sigh. That was not a missed shot or missed assignment, a bad pass, not even a stupid turnover (they happen in every game), it was a GIFT of two points. When that happened, I turned to my wife and said “that is going to cost us the game.” I think it did. Again, I get that there were lots and lots of other things we could have done or not done in a 1 point game. But GIVING them 2 points, that was the game, IMO.

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That just can’t happen, Greg. I thought Muss was gonna stroke out, and justifiably so. If you remember, Reggie Chaney did something similar in a close game, that I believe we lost, in Baton Rouge.

I agree 100% here. . . . I am sure that conversation has already taken place. However, Toney has already earned a second chance. In addition to his defense being superb, he rarely takes a bad shot and is nearly always an asset on the floor. What happened there could have simply been that he was trying to throw the ball to the ref and didn’t realize the other guy was behind him. i.e. unintentional. Chaney as I recall was much more in your face about it rather than a throw the ball behind him and hit someone. It was for sure a bad look . . but not sure he meant to hit the guy with the ball. I am sure he will think twice before doing that again.

Don’t get me wrong, KJ, I absolutely love Toney, and I hope he comes back next year. I feel bad for him, because he had about 30 family members at the game. Bad day to have a terrible game, but I’d be shocked if it happened again. Anyway, it’s done and over with. On to Mizzou. Go Hogs!

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We all know what that did to Chaney and his Playing time the hogs can’t afford for Toney to sit and not play. He just has to be smarter than that.

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As someone said, you can point to lots of different missed shots, turnovers, missed rebounds, etc. in a one point game, but I think the main reason we lost was because JD was on the bench for 17 minutes.


That’s the real reason for the loss.

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