I didn't expect to win today

And we didn’t. LSU has our number in the postseason. And we didn’t handle Eric Walker any better today than we did at Baum in April. Our pitching held up OK, two earned runs for Johnny Whole Staff, but the bats didn’t get it done. That’s OK. We’re playing at Baum next weekend. I expect LSU to be in Omaha, but we just might be there too.

Just so proud of these guys and this team. We fought to the end. Can’t wait for next weekend at Baum!!! Go Hogs!!!

I’m really proud of the team. Just learned of the final score & how it played out because I have very unreliable wi-fi aboard Delta airlines crossing the Atlantic, but no matter what, we did well. I’m disappointed right now, but this game just didn’t mean much. I’d have liked the win, but after this tourney I have a lot more confidence in our BP than I did, say, 3 weeks ago. I like our odds of winning our regional & believe we can win the super. If we don’t get sent too far away for that, we could have a good following in the stands. We’ll get at least one game where we bat last. Besides, the national team we’re paired with could lose.

Congrats to Spanberger. Also, congrats to that kid who hit 3 triples but didn’t get a spot on the all-tourney team. Ya’ got screwed, Jax.

It went about like I expected and we almost pulled off the ninth-inning comeback like they had done to us earlier in the year. To hold that team to four runs with a staff that was running on fumes is a testament to our bullpen. Look forward to next weekend.

They were only gonna pick one shortstop, and you knew it was gonna go to Kim Mulkey Jr. I’m just surprised they didn’t name him the MVP too.

I’m tired of Mulkey, Jr. Like so many LSU players, he simply annoys me.