I didn’t think it could be worse than Smith year

I was wrong

This is worse than coach John L Smith

Coach Bret left the cubbard bair

This is embarrassing

That put return is already viral - luckily friends are not rubbing it in except for a couple of UK jerks who are quick to point out Arkansas never belonged in the SEC

I think that’s just them being - well - uK jerks

It can and it will. 1-11 here we come. Thank the good Lord and the schedule maker for good ole EIU.

I guess it was good after all that Michigan stiffed us for Notre Dame. Our consolation prize was EIU. EIU might be our only win.

The cupboard bare is BS there is a whole bunch of horrible coaching going on in Fayettville. From the QB situation, to the game planning, to the play calling. Cupboard bare is not why this team is losing to CSU and UNT.

I agree. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss CBB and Dan Enos. They might well have led us to a 4-8, 5-7 season. Then we could have fired them with a smaller buyout and hired the better coach from the Dallas area mid-majors.

I was intrigued by this football team – not certain it would win, but I was sure it would be interesting.

So I reupped my subscription to WHS for a whole year, after having lapsed a while back. Thought this would be essential reading.

Clay and staff will have to start writing best-sellers every week to make this interesting.

I’m sorry – WHS has talented people and all, but I regret reupping my subscription. This is not fun at all, and the reporters don’t get any useful information out of the coaches. What’s happening is so far detached from even reasonable expectations, it’s disturbing.

I wish you guys had a good team to cover. It affects your livelihoods when the Razorbacks are terrible.

I’ve never seen a Razorback team look as bad as this one has in the past three quarters. Oh, the 1990 defense was much worse, and the '96 offense was even feebler. Watching this team, it does not look like we are outmanned. We look lost though.

Yes all that talent is slow and about the same size as that USA Conf team

What makes them look even worse is the “lost” aspects

Oh dang - now tV talking heads saying NTec has broken the will of Arkansas

Oh This is misery