I did this awhile back in a thread

I was asked back on March 31 who I thought could be the next commitment and I posted this:

That’s a tough call.

Some of the guys they’re in good shape with are QB Kaidon Salter, RB Caleb Berry,
WR Ketron Jackson, WR Jaedon Wilson, TE Erin Outley, OL Cole Carson, RB Javion Hunt and CB Dreyden Norwood.

All of them have visited. If a commitment was to come I think it would come from that list.

I assume you’re talking 2021 class.

Was wrong on Salter but at the time things were trending well but Tennessee obviously trended better. I should’ve thrown in Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan but forgot to add.

As of today, I like where Arkansas is with RB Caleb Berry, WR Ketron Jackson, WR Jaedon Wilson, TE Erin Outley, OL Devon Manuel, RB AJ Green and CB Dreyden Norwood. I reserve the right to add to the list. lol.

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AJ Green outta Oklahoma… What is Arkansas recruiting him as RD?

Yes, I just added him. They like him as a RB.

After talking to Rahiem Sanders earlier this evening, I’m adding him to my list of guys I feel good about a possible commitment.

Seems to be a lot of crystal ball activity tonight for A.J. to the Hogs including some well known and respected recruiting guys.

I’ll add Tommi Hill to the list too,

He would be a great get as well.

Edgewater has only lost 4 games (including Florida State Playoffs) in 2 years. This kid was the best reciever on the varsity team as a Sophomore with elite track speed.

I am still confused as to why he’s playing DB/S…

Maybe they had more need on defense than offense. I see he was honorable mention all-state last year as a DB so he evidently can play there as well.

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Most defitnitly agree Swine. He’s a very, very dangerous multidementional athlete. To this day I still believe D-Mac possessed more potential as a NFL Safety than RB. :wink:

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