I did not want a game tomorrow

I am worn plumb out. Sure hope Campbell is ON tomorrow. If we don’t go to the CWS, I will be clinically depressed. Best overall team in years. Aargh. Too much pressure.

That’s the problem. Ton of pressure… I think IC is 50/50… the good thing with him is we’ll know early. MC hasn’t thrown at all. Hard to trust KR after today… he looked like a deer in headlights.

Don’t forget we still have rammage that hasn’t thrown at all

If Campbell throws 5 innings, we should win. If he pitches only an inning or two, we are in trouble.

I don’t know what happened to Reindl. I doubt anyone does. It was probably pressure. He’s come in to pitch us out of jams before, but this was a really tough one & he knew what was on the line. Not just a ball game, but possibly the season. The thing that bothers me is everyone of our pitchers will feel that tomorrow. We badly need to jump out in front & make SC feel all that pressure.

There are a lot of teams that are going into Game 3 situations this weekend. It is what you expect in a super regional, honestly.

Big boy ball! Either rise to the occasion or fold & go home. Tomorrow will be about who wants it more &FINDS a way to win. We’ve got enough pitching & hitting to do it.

Will see what this team is made of. Odds are in our favor winning at Baum.

If we can take a lead into the 7th Cronin will get us home. I hope Campbell pitches well but if not, there are enough good pitchers to get to the 7th. In most cases when Reindl comes in, it takes him a couple of batters to get into the groove, the game against DBU was the exception. SC didn’t give that chance today but he will likely be fine tomorrow. Loseke could probably go an inning or two. We do need to string some hits together. Wonder if DVH will change the batting order. I don’t expect him to but the way Shaddy is swinging, he would be a good lead-off. Gates is seeing the ball really well right now too. I expect DVH to go with what brung him though.

I wouldn’t be surprised if DVH changes the lineup.

I believe we will take care of business Monday…

Watching some of these other regionals, it appears the pressure is on the home team more than the visiting team in the winner-take-all games. I hope the team can find a way to play loose enough that in case they get behind, they don’t get too tight at the plate.

All but 2 supers went to 3 games, hopefully we pack Baum out tonight with our loudest fans and they have something to cheer for.


Watching some of these other regionals, it appears the pressure is on the home team more than the visiting team in the winner-take-all games…

[/quote]Generally, the Hogs played poorly yesterday on both sides of play. That is unusual for our Hogs as their advantage has been their “good” balance. But, they did not hit well with runners in scoring position. Did not produce many back to back hits. Pitched poorly. And, failed to hit a grand slam:) Those things’ll get you beat.

Need to execute today. wps

I would. I think he will stay with what we’ve seen the last few games.