I did not realize

That Earle – and Gerry Bohanon – had been removed from the Arkansas 2A playoffs for use of an ineligible player. Those forfeits led to the AAA pushing the 2A playoffs back a week, since Salem, which had lost a playoff game to Earle on the field, was put back in the playoffs only last Thursday, too late to prepare for a weekend semifinal game.

Bohanon was not the ineligible player, was another kid. a shame for Earle, they had a chance. Someone dropped the ball, or someone did something wrong and I’m not sure if they self reported or were ratted on. That town could have used the excitement. a shame

Didn’t they have to forfeit all wins in games where that player appeared? Was it only the Salem game or more?

I believe it was every game the young man played in. He was playing his 5th years of high school football, I believe I have read. He is still 18, but had previously played at Marion before transferring to Earle.

Earle self-reported the violation and forfeited all games in which the ineligible kid played. Which was all of them. So Earle is officially 0-11 instead of the 10-1 they achieved on the field. No, Bohanon was not the ineligible player, but his prep career was halted prematurely as a result.

That’s a shame for those kids! The small town and school needed the lift. Their school is fairly new and their football field is just off to the north side of highway 64.
Thats the most excitement the town of Earle has had in twenty years!