I did a little editing to the Longhorns Wikipedia page

Which does have a section on the rivalry with Arkansas. It now includes the following sentence:

Texas and Arkansas renewed the series in Fayetteville in 2021, with Arkansas beating the marshmallow-soft Horns like a rented mule, 40-21.

See for yourself before somebody changes it, although it apparently has to be approved first.


Oh you devil…

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:rofl: :rofl:

I couldn’t find it

Either changed back or never approved in the first place.

The Horns got a “flat tire” in Fayetteville

It’s still a nice effort. And it’s true.

I did see last week that one of their fans had gotten through the review process to post something on our Football page about how they schooled us on Sept.11th, 2021. Interesting thing about that is that I read in on Sept. 8th or 9th, yet it actually was posted on our Wikipedia site. So, they might have been alerted to a response in kind.

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