I detest Carolina

I’ve known too many of their arrogant fans over the years and Roy Boy strikes me as an arrogant elitist. I don’t know why we have to be in their regional EVERY SINGLE TIME WE DANCE. Beating their butts during Nolan’s first Final Four run was one of my favorite moments as a Hog fan. I know we aren’t likely to beat them Sunday. It would do my heart good if we could at least make them sweat a little bit.

Maybe I missed something, but I never thought of Roy Williams that way. Any team that’s been as successful as N.C. they’re going to be cocky.

Well it’s always possible to win! I hate having to see the hogs in that region and paired in such a way to meet them again!
It’s in their back yard so our team needs to control thier emotions and just play. They have more talent! With that being said our team has to do all the little things right to have a chance to win.
We should be proud there are a lot of teams that wish they were in the Dance facing the Tar Heels.

I attended a " Rumble on the Hill" or whatever they called it in Fayetteville when there were teams from all over the country competing . Roy Williams was at Kansas then and he, along with many other big names , watched the competition. I happened to be near the front entrance when he was going in, and I jokingly asked if he was going to call the Hogs. He laughed and said that that might not go over big back home! I know he is fanatical on the court but he was surprisingly cordial that day. Besides, my mother thinks he is " a nice man."

I have no real opinions Roy Williams. He’s the enemy.
I sometimes wonder where the academic fraud stuff will lead. As far as I know he runs a clean program.

I thought this was the football board not the basketball board, but “arrogant elitists”? Are you getting UNC confused with Duke?

Yeah I posted on the wrong board. Arrogant elitist and overrated can apply to just about all of the ACC schools.


Duke is considered elitist and arrogant by the rest of the ACC. UNC is considered arrogant by NC State. Norte Dame might be elitist. But no other ACC team is considered elitist or arrogant by anyone I know except you. But you are of course entitled to your opinion. I do know this. No school has the right to feel superior to Arkansas, and people in Arkansas should not feel anyone is better than them.

I detest Kentucky. Correction: I detest their coach.

And I thought it was funny that the ACC lost so many in the first round.

I detest Texas more than Kentucky.

Probably because I’m old.

(Downward Texass horn sign goes here)

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