I’d Like To Thanks All our Writers & WHS People

Amidst all the work mess I deal with, coming to this site and reading some Hog info is a true respite over this past week. And most of us in healthcare are running at high adrenaline/stress right now, so we crash when we get off. Good stories and articles about recruits and former coaches and such are a needed break from reality right now.
Everyone be safe. Back to the grind for another day!


Thank you Hogdr, providing a very valuable service especially in times like this.
We will try to brighten your day, everyday before you crash at night.
Cheers & WPS!

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Docs earning their pay right now. Know many and they running on fumes now.

I totally agree how about the staff they are doing a great job of providing material…I would also say thank you so much for your service during this most tragic time in our lives…you be safe!

Thanks to all the health care workers. May God Bless You! My thanks also to this board. This is an extremely well run site Clay.

More importantly, thanks for what you do. God bless.

Had our first confirmed case and death in northeast LA yesterday. Can’t go into any more detail other than what’s online in local papers. Younger patient(38).

I told my office staff yesterday that times like these don’t just shape our character, but rather it reveals it. It’s time to step up and earn our keep.

My wife is worried bc her dads had recent stroke and in rehab, and I’m a diabetic on insulin pump. I can’t just stay home with all these sick people around in our community. Clays correct about running on fumes, but the worse is likely yet to come.

Praying for you and all other medical professionals hogdr. It’s clear from your posts you are a man of character and integrity. We are so grateful for folks like you.

Blessings and prayers for protection.

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