I cry not for Tennessee

No. Not one dadgum bit. Ecstatic to see that buncha Heupels and Hookers get snake bit in Columbia. And the fact that SC hung 63 on them, is ironically delicious, given what happened with Missouri last week. I will however, grudingly admit, that I kinda liked the orange bonnets.

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I suspect the orange lids may go into deep, deep storage after that beatdown.

And this after the Chickens were held to 6 points last week. College football, she is weird.


The orange helmets looked great.

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Just goes to show you that you still have to play D in the SEC. Defense looks a bit different than it did in the past.

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I got quite a chuckle at TN losing like that to SC. I still haven’t gotten over the 71 Liberty Bowl. Then there’s the obnoxiousness of their baseball team.

Thought the orange helmets looked goofy, but that might have been because I knew who was wearing them.


Trying to listen closely this morning to learn how serious the leg injury was to Hooker. From the description in articles, etc, sounds like it might be a serious season ending deal. UT fans in my circle look at the orange hats like I do our white ones. Toss 'em.

LOL! I knew you would like those. It was the wide stripe that really made those look good.Swine is right though. It will be a cold day somewhere before they break those out again.

Those non-contact injuries where a guy plants and just goes down on his own(in enough pain to drop the football in Hooker’s case) seem to be bad more often than not. He’s had a big year and it’s a shame he got hurt.

Tennessee’s problem is that their defense just is not that good. They should be able to out-score Vandy but if Hooker’s out they will need a fairly-offensively challenged opponent in the bowl to have a good shot at a win. Plus you never know how a team that thought they had the playoffs made will react to a crushing upset. Huepel’s got his work cut out the next few weeks.

I kept having to do a double take because it looked like South Carolina-Clemson with those orange helmets.


This loss was a death blow to the Tenny fans (their boards went meltdown) because they probably had a playoff birth wrapped up if they won out. Old Rocky Top is being played in a morgue for none to hear.


I’m interested to see how the playoff committee ranks Tennessee this week in relation to the other two-loss SEC teams, LSU and Alabama. Tennessee beat both of those teams, but neither has a loss as bad as Tennessee’s. The ranking is important because the highest-ranked SEC team outside of the playoff will get the Sugar Bowl bid.

Having lived in Tennessee the past 25 years I’ve become sick of orange. It’s strange/weird to have so many Vol friends who are really great people. But I can’t root for them (well if they ever play Texass I can). This football season my eyes hurt from the orange everywhere you go. Today at church not one Vol fan showed up with orange crap on. Not one. Cracked me up. Talk about fair weather fans……but good people mind you… :joy:


I thought that I saw the Vols football team this morning walking through a grass field here in northern Missouri, I quickly realized they were way to organized to be the Vols. It turned out to be a bunch of deer hunters making a drive through the field to jump up deer. WPS


1st time they wore orange lids since 1937…so yeah it might be even longer than that to the next time.


After the lunar eclipse they experienced yesterday it might be a good thing to scrap the orange lids!