I could be wrong but don't think I am

We haven’t finished recruiting yet and I’m already grading CSP at least a B minus. Great staff and recruiting is headed in a very positive direction. Keep up the good work coach! GHG

Under the circumstances CSP has done a great job in my opinion on the recruiting front. The improvement I want to see is on the field with OL improvement and QB play!
Our new DC needs to get the Defense ready to play.
I think our Hogs are in good hands.

I agree army. And CSP is both wise & mature enough to allow those coaches to sink or swim on their own and I don’t see an adverse situation taking place. I feel personally better ALOT BETTER with this coaching staff than I have in ages.

It’s always about the staff. I thought Bielema’s first staff at Arkansas was solid. Of course, Sam Pittman was on it. So I credited Bielema for starting off fine. It was when holes appeared on the staff that it didn’t work out. The second and third wave of assistants was not as good. You had to see how it worked out because Bielema had some history of hiring good coaches at Wisconsin and then his first staff at Arkansas.

Hopefully CSP keeps a good track record of assistants because some will move on on yearly basis.
Unlike CBB

I like the direction of things much better now. Plus, CSP (from everything you read) seems to be the type of coach that people want to work for which should help when having to fill holes down the road. Hopefully, you can keep this staff in place for 2-3 years to develop some continuity and in turns more wins on the field but I know that is certainly tough these days.

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